How to Get Venti After Event

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Venti refers to one of the playable Anemo characters in the game by miHoYo known as Genshin Impact. He is a poet and a wine enthusiast that will share his stories if you bring some wine. He can even sing for you if he wants. He is more than just a poet. Just like an onion, he has a lot of layers.

Method to get Venti

There are two methods that can be used by the players to get Venti. The first one is the one that is based on luck. If they want to go this route, they can go up to the banner of Venti and wish on it. As everyone knows, wishes are able to be purchased with Intertwined Fates or Acquaint Fates that can be bought with Primogems. They serve as the foundation of the gacha mechanic of the game. With that being said, the chance of getting Venti is really low and it is definitely not guaranteed that the players will unlock him when they wish for him. To be specific, there is a 0.6% chance of the players to end up with Venti or any other 5 star character with a wish when wishing on the Ballad in Goblets banner. Furthermore, some players might be lucky enough to unlock a 5 star character, but it is not always Venti, they might get someone like Diluc or Mona instead of Venti. It can be concluded that most wishes could be made without having to unlock a certain character and even those that have something to do with the microtransactions of the game are certainly not guaranteed to get a Venti.

How to Get Venti After Event

This is the reason why players have to make sure to manage their expectations when making wishes in Genshin Impact and it is better to keep the expectations low because it is nearly impossible to ever unlock one certain 5 star character. The 4 start items are quite rare with a rate around 5%, let alone the 5 star ones. While it is clearly an amazing jump from the 0.6% chance attached to 5 star items, players should be aware that they are unlikely to get characters from this category.

For your information, the wish system does have a mechanic in place that makes the players guaranteed to get a 5 star item at least one every 90 wishes. If one has not unlocked something included in the 5 start items after 89 wishes, they can have confidence that they will get one on their next wish. Even so, this is clearly not guaranteed to be Venti, or even a character for that matter. They should not expect anything from the system.

There are more chances on the second method for the players to get Venti as a character. The thing is, it will cost a lot. The gacha system can be used by the players of the game to purchase Primogems and get more Acquaint Fate. With this kind of thing, they can wish on the banner of Venti. As for the chance of appearing, it still remains at 0.6%.

For more information about how to get Venti or if you have any questions about it, it is better for you to join the communities or forums of Genshin Impact where a lot of people who share the same interest gather. You can look for the thread about it or make a new discussion. If you want, you might also want to try to reach out the representative of the developers.

About Venti

Venti details:

  • Rarity: 5 stars
  • Weapon: Bow
  • Element: Anemo
  • Sex: Male
  • Birthday: June 16th
  • Constellation: Carmen Dei
  • Nation: Mondstadt
  • Affiliation: archons
  • Special Dish: A Buoyant Breeze
  • Method to Obtain: Event Wish – Ballad in Goblets
  • Release Date: September 28, 2020
  • Titles: Windborne Bard, Tone Deaf Bard

Venti has an interesting personality. He tends to misbehave and rhyme regularly in his speech. The thing that makes him more interesting is the fact that he loves to tease his strong opponents and friends. His love for music is unbeatable, to the point where he made up a name for his lyre. There is a quote made by him, saying that every being deserves a name to be called upon and woven into a song. The man is also bold, as shown more than once in both the manga and the game. He is so brave to insult or ignore the ones who are supposedly powerful.

Venti enjoys to spare his time roaming around Mondstadt to play songs to his people, the ones who mostly have no idea about his true identity as the Wind Archon. He also loves to drink, especially Dandelion Wine. However, due to his appearance, most bartenders do not take him seriously, they think he is underage. Even so, he still can get around by telling people to get drinks as his gift after completing his performance.

Despite having a bright personality, Venti tends to behave differently while acting as the Wind Archon. When he thinks his personality is the same as the Wind Archon’s, he will speak wisely and a bit poetic.

When it comes to the appearance, Venti is good looking with fair skin, aqua eyes, and a slim build. He is blessed with dark blue hair that borders on black, with short twin braids that makes him more attractive. Apparently, his current form is not his original one, instead, he stays in this form to honor an old friend.

As for the clothes, Venti wears a lacy white top and a leather midsection that looks like a corset, as well as teal shorts with gold embroidery. At the bottom part, you will be able to see white stockings with three gold diamond shapes along every leg and there is also a hat, the beret one, with a Cecilia, the flower’s name of his favorite. A wooden lyre with blue strings is held by this man. This one has the power of Anemo.

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