How to Get Electro Crystal Genshin Impact Location Map

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Electro Crystal is the stone with purple color that you can find in a few different locations. This one is useful in the game named Genshin Impact, that’s why everyone wants to get it. If you also want to get it and are wondering how to do so, here is everything that you will need to know.

Usually, Electro Crystals are located underneath or on the face of cliffs and canyons. The most recommended places to look for them are the Stormterror’s layer and Cape Oath. The canyon that leads to the layer of Stormterror is full of different crystals and is considered as the best place to farm Crystal Chunks as well as Electro Crystal. Cape Oath is also a good place to look. This one is located southeast of Mondstadt, the opposite Musk Reef. Here is the detail of the two locations:

Electro Crystal Genshin Impact

  • Mondstadt

Cape Oath is named as the best place that you can visit if you want to farm the Electro Crystal in Mondstadt. This one will spawn 4 to 6 Electro Crystals and 1 to 2 resources each will be dropped as well. Besides, there are also regular respawning chests in the area and you have some Iron Ore to farm too.

Cape Oath

  • Liyue

The place near the Oceanid boss at Wuwang Hill is the first place that you can check in Liyue. Apparently, there is a path that moves between two cliffs towards the boss, and you will be able to find a lot of Electro Crystal there. A few other things that you can find and farm include Cor Lapis, Noctilicous Jade and a regular Cicin Mage. With all of the things mentioned stocked there, it is surely the excellent spot to visit every couple of days.

On top of that, you are also able to find some Electro Crystal located near the Statue of the Seven to the south of Mingyun Village. First of all, you will need to jump off the side by using the wooden bridge to drop down almost on top of them. You will be able to see three here quite regularly and you will also be able to find a Dendro chest that respawns if you drop down the cliff behind them.

When you head south to Yaoyang Shoal, there are more Electro Crystal located close to the teleporter on the beach. A Cicin Mage is here as well, in case you have to farm any drops from her. Close to the Luhua Pool, in the same nation called Liyue, you will be able to find more multiple Electro Crystals located near the bridge that leads to the domain. Please do not be surprised if you see some Electro Slimes nearby because they should not give you any issues.

In case you have a hard time getting the Electro Crystal in Genshin Impact, you are recommended to visit the community.

About Electro Crystal in Genshin Impact

Electro Crystal is defined as a purple stone that is able to be discovered in some different kinds of place. It is part of precious stones and the important components that are usually used to get specific objectives. In fact, they are not that simple. However, they are important recipes that are related to alchemy and the promotion of both characters and weapons.

Electro Crystal details:

  • Item Type: Material
  • Rarity: 1 star
  • Description: “A power rich crystal that draws electricity from the air around it. Holding it makes your hand a little numb.”

You can use the Electro Crystal in the game if you want to create Insulation Potion and Shocking Essential Oil. If you are interested in crafting these two, here is the complete guide that you can follow.

  • Shocking Essential Oil

The ingredients to craft the Shocking Essential Oil include x1 Electro Crystal and x1 Frog. As informed by Wiki, the Frog is the kind of crafting component that is mainly used in the offensive elemental alchemy. You can find it in the wild near the location of the freshwater. They have some variations and all of them are divided into the same kind of component: Blue Frog (Springvale) and Mud Frog (Minlin?).

The crafting type to craft the Shocking Essential Oil is alchemy. Alchemy is the one method that makes it possible for you to make higher rarity tier Character and Weapon Enhancement Materials, Character Talent Materials, Potions, Weapon Ascension Materials, Character Ascension Materials, and Gadgets. To start the crafting process, you have to be at a Crafting Bench that can be found in major cities. If you want to craft higher rarity tier materials, it is a must for you to combine 3 of the same lower tier material and Mora. In addition, you are also able to make potions that will give a bonus to DMG or RES of a specific element to the whole party for 300 seconds.

  • Insulation Potion

Aside from x1 Electro Crystal, you will need to get x1 Butterfly Wings if you want to craft the Insulation Potion. They have some variations of the butterflies that can turn into the basic butterfly wings when you catch them. Those include light blue, gold, and TBA.

Just like crafting Shocking Essential Oil, you will need to use the alchemy method to craft Insulation Potion. The explanation of this method has been explained before so you can just re-read if you do not remember any.

An elemental interaction is needed if you want to harvest the Electro Crystal and hitting them with some Pyro energy is required to break them. Do not go too close to an Electro Crystal as it will cause it to discharge the Electro energy, causing a small amount of damage to you. Amber is believed to be the perfect option for farming these, as she has the ability to break them with her charged Pyro shot from her bow. It does not need a cooldown time for you to easily farm any Electro Crystals in a certain area.

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