How to Deliver the Picture to the Customer in Snapshots

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Genshin Impact gives the players the task to obtain a new gadget, kamera which allows them to capture snapshots of their adventures, but they have to work for it. Here is a guide to complete the task.

Genshin Impact Snapshots quest

Based on the research, Genshin Impact is ranked one of the best RPGs in 2020. Now, Genshin Impact tasks the players with delivering pictures to the two locals which commissioned them, in a quest called “Snapshots.” It is a World Quest which can unlock the Kamera gadget.

This is the description of Snapshots: Xu from Liyue Harbor’s Feiyun Commerce Guild is in a pickle right now. Two customers came to have their pictures taken, however he forgot to write their names on the back of their pictures, and now has no method to deliver the pictures to the customers. So, he has turned to you for help. According to him, you have to find the customers’ locations by studying the pictures taken by the Kamera. For any player who wants to take pictures as they adventure, and even as they fight, they have to agree to fix a poor servant’s mistake.

The players of Genshin Impact receive the Snapshots quest from Xu, an NPC who works at the Feiyun Commerce Guild, and who can be discovered just south of the teleporter which sits at the northwest corner of Liyue Harbor (Teleporter #2633). Xu will inform the players that he forgot to write the names of the customers on the back of their respective pictures, and will request the players track them down by identifying their surroundings in the image.

How to Deliver the Picture to the Customer in Snapshots

Apparently, there are many players of Genshin Impact who asking about the Genshin Impact snapshots quest. As we said before, snapshots quest is a World Quest which will be able to unlock the Kamera gadget. In order to start the Genshin Impact snapshots quest, first the players need to talk to Xu at Feiyun Slope. To be precise,  Xu NPC will be seen just next to the northern Teleport Waypoint at Liyue Harbor. Next, the players have to deliver both the pictures to the customer first. After that, they are required to deliver them to Granny Shan, Tea Master Liu Su and then get them back to Xu. Doing this will be able to complete the Genshin Impact snapshots quest.

Genshin Impact Snapshots quest guide

Apparently, there are some steps that you have to do for completing Genshin Impact Snapshots quest. Here are steps to follow:

Start the Snapshots quest by talking to Xu at Feiyun Slope in Liyue Harbor.

    • Deliver the picture to the customer (0/2)

Deliver to Granny Shan

Deliver to Tea Master Liu Su

    • Report back to Xu

To make you more understand, we are going to explain its steps more detail.

Visit Xu at the Feiyun slope in Liyue Harbor

Visit Xu at the Feiyun slope in Liyue Harbor

You have to visit to Xu of the Feiyun Commerce Guild in Liyue Harbor. You are able to find him standing near Xingxi of Mingxing Jewelry Shop. Please speak with him and ask about the Kamera to begin the world quest. Once again, Xu is an NPC in Liyue Harbor. He works in the Feiyun Commerce Guild owned by the playable character Xingqiu, that told in Xingqiu Story Quest. Also, he is an NPC who that gives you the Kamera, once completing the world quest Snapshots.

Deliver the first picture to NPC’s Tea Master Liu Su

Deliver the first picture to NPC's Tea Master Liu Su

Xu, an NPC in Liyue Harbor will give you two Snapshots to deliver to the customers around Liyue Harbor. The first customer is Tea Master Liu Su that you are able to find up the stairs across from the merchant Changshun, to the left of the jewelry shop. For your information, Tea Master Liu Su is also known as Liusu. He is an NPC found in Liyue Harbor, standing on stage in front of the staircase leading to the Northland Bank. Listening to all his stories can give you Legend of the Shattered Halberd (III). Also, he gives the NPC commission “Cliffhanger,” in which enable to complete Beidou’s story or Xingqiu’s story.

Deliver the second picture to NPC’s Granny Shan

Deliver the second picture to NPC's Granny Shan

Next, you have to to deliver the second picture to Granny Shan. She is an NPC that located in Liyue Harbor, Liyue. Granny Shan has a little toy shop set up next to the water in the southern area of Liyue Harbor. She is a toymaker for over 40 years. And she particularly likes making the kites. She goes to bed early, so you have to visit her in the morning and afternoon.

Return to Xu to get a free Kamera Gadget

eturn to Xu to get a free Kamera Gadget

After delivering the two snapshots, you are able to return to Xu, who will reward you with a free Kamera for your troubles. Please head into the gadget tab of your inventory to get started. You will be able to equip the Kamera into your gadget slot, that you can access quickly by hitting Z on PC. Immediately, the Kamera takes a high-quality snapshot and saves it to your game directory. You are able to navigate into your ScreenShot folder in “/Genshin Impact Game/ScreenShot” to review your screenshots or share them with your friends.

Genshin Impact Snapshots quest Rewards

If you are able to complete the Snapshots quest, then you are going to get some rewards:

    • 20,000 Mora
    • Hero’s Wit ×2
    • Kamera ×1

The Kamera is a gadget only obtained for completing the Snapshots quest. It allows you to take pictures. The Kamera can be utilized to take pictures while the regular camera mode is unavailable. Unfortunately, it lacks the fine-tuning features found in the regular version.  Once the Kamera was first released, the Kamera on PlayStation4 pulled up the regular camera mode. It was subject to all rules which apply to it. As a result, PlayStation4 users could not utilize the Kamera the same way that PC and mobile players could.

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