How to Complete Fallen Star Challenge

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The Fallen Star challenge is named as the third phase of the Unreconciled Starts event. This one is available from November 23, 2020. Before completing this challenge, you will have to complete the story quest of the event, otherwise this one will not unlock.

Method to play the Fallen Star challenge

    • Beat monsters to accumulate the Celestial Energy

The objective of the Fallen Star challenge is to fill up the progress bar with Celestial Energy, which you can obtain by getting rid of the enemies that show up. However, your time is limited. You are only able to carry a limited amount of Celestial Energy. Please go to the submission zone and tap the submit button if you want to deposit the energy and fill the progress bar.

How to Complete Fallen Star Challenge

It will need some time for you to finish the submission process and it can be interrupted by getting hit. All the energy that you were carrying will be lost if you are interrupted while submitting the Celestial Energy. To prevent the situation from happening, you will have to make sure to defeat or restrict the movement of surrounding enemies first.

    • Feel free to play solo or co-op

Feel free to play solo or co-op

There is an option to play the Fallen Star challenge with friends or with random players through the online matchmaking. For those who find the co-op option annoying, fortunately, you can also play this challenge solo.

    • Characters will get a random buff

During the Fallen Star challenge, it is possible for the specific characters to get a random buff, which is really useful to complete the challenge. These buffs include the Fecund Starburst and Heroic Starburst. The first one will give the character and all that are close to the Fecundity buff. The efficiency of Celestial energy submission will be increased by it. The second one will increase the ATK of the character as well as all nearby ones.

    • One of three Astral Anomalies will show up

One of Three Astral Anomalies Will Occur

At the beginning of the Fallen Star challenge, you will be able to see one of the three Astral Anomalies occurring at random. The options are between Orbital Shift, Dark Omen, and Inauspicious Star. Orbital Shift is in charge of changing the location at which to submit Celestial Energy, Dark Omen are known as the monsters that show up during the challenge, and Inauspicious Star is the one that can cause you to lose all energy.

Each of them is like an obstacle that will make the whole challenge a bit difficult to complete. If you want to handle everything, you should make sure to keep the Anomaly in mind when you are playing and do not forget to watch out for its effects.

Fallen Star challenge guide

    • Best completed in co-op mode

Playing with your friends or the random players that you meet somewhere gives some advantages. First, you have allies that will protect you when submitting energy. Second, teaming up is so good at shortening the time needed to defeat the enemies. Third, the closest allies can gain the boosts from Starbursts.

That being said, the challenge named the Fallen Star challenge is best to be completed in the co-op mode. It does not matter whether it is kicking off the enemies quickly or submitting energy without being attacked, having more players gives you nothing but good things for this challenge. Despite the fact that this challenge is also possible in the single player mode, the flaw is that it will take much longer to clear and it is better for you to reduce the efficiency of completing the event multiple times and farming to get rewards.

    • Tie up the opponents to submit energy safely

There are two best strategies that you can use to tie up the enemies so that you can submit the energy safely. The first one is to use the Anemo characters to limit the movement of the enemies. Another one is to use Cryo characters to freeze the enemies.

As you probably know, one of the main points of the Fallen Star challenge is the requirement to send Celestial Energy obtained by knocking down the enemies. You have no other options than standing still for several seconds, leaving them vulnerable to the enemies. Keep in mind that if the whole thing struck, all the Celestial Energy that is currently held will be lost.

Each enemy will be affected by Wet in the rainclouds area, making it possible for the Cryo characters to give the Frozen status. On the other hand, the Anemo characters can inflict the Swirl status, which both of them are known as the things that are sent by the god to keep enemies at bay while submitting energy.

Recommended characters to use

The ones with Cryo and Anemo elements are so good due to their ability to bind enemies and allow for safe energy submission. Those best characters include Venti, Sucrose, Jean, Traveler (Anemo), Chongyun, and Qiqi.

Aside from that, you might also want to use the characters with event bonuses such as Tartaglia, Mona, Fischl, Beidou, Ningguang, Chongyun, Lisa, Noelle, and Xiangling. All the characters mentioned before will get a 60% boost to their damage dealt during the event known as the Unreconciled Starts event for the Meteorite Strike Zone (Meteorite Remains Salvage) and the Fallen Star challenges. You are encouraged to try to form your party in order to use those characters as main attackers so that you can make sure to deal as much damage as efficiently as possible.

Another kind of recommended characters are the characters of all elements. In every wave, there are enemies of different elements that will occur. You might have issues dealing with some different kinds of enemies if your party too focuses on a single element, which is not good when completing the challenge that has a limit. You might want to use Abyss Mages and Mitachurls that have shields to make the battle take much longer than it needs to when it is not dealt with appropriately. Using the characters that have each element is beneficial to make sure you can use the right elemental reaction to take them down.

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