How to Boost FPS & Increase Performance on Any PC

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There are tons of possible reasons behind the issue related to your PC that may not be fully worked well for gaming. Apparently, the low FPS is bad if you want to have an enjoyable gaming experience and it is really important to find out the reason why it is not as high as it should be.

If you are in this kind of situation, do not be panic because there are a lot of methods that you can try to increase the performance of your PC for gaming. Keep reading to find out the way to keep the games running well and quickly on your PC.

How to Boost FPS & Increase Performance on Any PC1

Way to make games run faster on your PC

Compared to consoles, PC gaming has a lot of advantages. Some of these advantages include higher quality graphics and the ability to install mods. However, you play a big role in optimizing everything to get the best performance. The developers of consoles know the exact hardware they are developing for but the case is different with PC because there are a large number of different PC configurations that the player might have. Basically, PC games will never reach what consoles can because they will never be as optimized for the certain hardware as it is hard for the developers to test every possible configuration.

Since consoles have the operating systems that are created to only run games and some simple apps, they can be more efficient with resources. You can actually do the same thing on PCs but that means you will have to sacrifice the potential of the other programs, stealing processing power and reducing the performance of the video game.

Some of the common things that slow down your PC include too many background programs running, outdated hard drives, and malware or virus issues. In order to increase the speed of the game, you will have to solve these issues first.

While it is true that solving the slow PC is effective at improving your performance in general, another recommended thing that you can do to boost your FPS is to upgrade your computer for gaming.

Definition of low FPS and the reason why does it happen

It has been known that the games you see on the screen consist of a fast sequence of images, just like videos. These so-called images are known as frames and all of them are created by your video card with the help of the data it gets from the games program running on your PC. There is also the number of frames that are shown on the monitor in one second. They are called the frame rate or frames per second of FPS.

Although the normal videos usually have 24fps speed, the games with the same speed will look jagged and feel stuck. The main reason is usually because of something that is popular as motion blur. When you film something at 24fps, there are 24 pictures that will be taken by a film camera in a second. The weakness is that the lens will stay open long enough when you take each image, causing the objects that are moving to slightly blur. What more surprise is that the objects show up to move smoothly into the next frame. On the other hand, the game objects of a video game will be exactly the same and there will be no motion blur. It is like jumping from one frame to the next one.

Way to increase FPS on your PC

In order to increase the frame rate without buying something new, here are the recommended things to do:

    • Updating graphic and video drivers

The companies that make the graphics card share the same mission in making sure that all the new and well-known games run well on their own hardware. Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD love to release the drivers that improve the performance. Basically, if you want to increase the graphics card performance, please download and install the newest drivers for your card, which can be downloaded on the official website of the manufacturer. Do not forget to follow the guide to install it, and remember to check any auto-update settings to make sure they remain up to date.

    • Reducing the screen resolution

In fact, higher resolutions are able to increase the number of pixels needed by the graphics card to render, which is good at reducing FPS significantly. Everyone wants to run games at the same resolution as the screen, but if it is hard, you can reduce the screen solution and the option is available in the video settings menu.

    • Optimizing in-game settings

Your game can look good by maxing out the video settings, as long as you have hardware to handle. Turning down the gaming setting is effective at giving you a big boost in FPS. Actually, the options will be different depending on the game. However, there are some things to look out, such as under post processing and special effects. They will add a few things such as bloom, sunrays, and motion blur to your game.

    • Investing in FPS booster software

FPS booster software claims to increase the FPS in the games, there will be no difference if you have taken some actions. Now, stop it. A software has been released by Razer named Cortex to prioritize processing resources for your game. It also has some other benefits.

    • Changing graphics card settings

There are control panels provided by both AMD and NVIDIA that you can use to change the performance settings on the cards. Both of them have some options that might increase FPS in your games. Changing the power mode to maximum is the most important one. This one means there is no need for the graphics card to save electricity or be more efficient by reducing the processing power. You can go to the official website of AMD and NVIDIA if you want to find out the instructions of using these control panels and changing your power mode.

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