How to Beat Search the Vault

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‘Search the Vault’ is the last phase that you should pass in the Chi of Guyun quest as one of side quests in Genshin Impact. This quest requires you to solve some complicated puzzles to finish it. Because you’ll be facing some hard puzzles, of course, in order to solve them, you should focus on the tasks you should do in this quest.

To complete the task of Search Vault, you surely have to find all fragments as another task in Chi of Guyun quest. So, learn about Search Vault and how to beat this task to complete this quest on our post below!

Beating Search Vault Task, Here’s the Guide!

In order to beat the Search Vault task, of course, you should reach the location of the vault. Well, to find it, you must head toward a waterfall to the northwest of your current position after collecting all fragments. Well, the vault will be located behind a waterfall.

Search Vault task

Once you reach the location, you have to go to the waterfall’s right. You will then find a small pathway in the cave. Here, all you need to do is to continue inside and enter the vault. Inside the vault, you suddenly will meet a small group of Treasure Hoarder enemies.

hurry up to beat them

Well, You don’t waste your time and hurry up to beat them out and approach the crystal on the stand and then activate it. You should protect a chance from waves of Ruin Guards when you do it. However, your enemies will come in a wave of one and a Ruin Hunter. You surely want a ranged character for the Ruin Hunter to make it easier to beat them.

After defeating the waves of monsters, you should find the vault to get the treasure you were looking to acquire. Here, you have to go back to the cave where there’s a room full of chests. To get the amazing treasure, you have to choose the center chest as it will provide what you are looking for. While, the other chests will contain additional items which make the quest a precious effort.

 find the vault to get the treasure

Here are some tips and trick to beat enemies:

  • Lure the ruins’ guard  into the water

The first trick that you can do to beat the enemies in the Search Vault task is to make sure to lure the guard of the ruins into the water. Getting the attention of the three guards of destruction before they reach the pillars may be difficult for you. However, you can do this by destroying the pillar with a few hits, as long as it still has more than half your HP and you have the guard’s attention, you’ll be fine. After destroying the pillar, make sure to lure them into the water.

  • Use Cryo characters

After you lure them into the water, you can then use Cryo characters to freeze them. You can keep beating the ruins guard using your skills and bursts. We recommend you to use Kaeya, Xiangling and Lisa to deal with 3 guards of ruins. You can then replace Xiangling with Amber, make sure to take advantage of the elemental reactions to beat the guards faster.

What’s important here is to keep them frozen. Well, the hunters only appear after you beat 3 ruins guards, and it will be easier to keep the hunter’s attention. Of course, eating foods that increase your atk and def will also help you.

  • Use the shield to hold off the rocket

If you want to use fishl, make sure to use her as dps. Then, you can also use a Noelle as a shield to resist the rocket that will be launched by the second guard of destruction. If you use amber, you can take the two of them away from the pillar.

While, for the last 3/3 boss, avoid him from ground attacks as much as possible and if he is going to go up and launch missiles from the air, use aiming fire at his weak point (eye) to deactivate him and once he is knocked out, use as much dps as you can.

Well, those are some tips and tricks to beat the enemies for the task of Search Vault.

About Chi of Guyun Quest

Chi of Guyun is one of the Secret quest hidden in Liyue. This quest has a series of tasks long enough for the player to complete. Even so, you will be given a lot of Adventure EXP and an additional precious chest if you successfully completed this quest. To start this quest, you firstly should talk to Yan’er near the teleport point in the South of Wuwang Hill.

Chi of Guyun quest will focus on the story of monsters guarded by ancient forces in Liyue. You will be asked to destroy the evil forces in Wuwang Hill with a series of puzzles which are seemingly complicated to solve. Then, you will be required to talk and go back to Granny Rooxin in Qingce Village. She will then give you a clue where the last temple of Chi of Guyun is located in the Northwest part of Qingce Village.

To ease you understanding where you can start this quest, let’s see the walkthrough of this quest below!

  • Approach and talk to Yan’er located in the South of Wuwang Hill.
  • Go to the destination point to eliminate the enemies.
  • You should interact with the ‘Incomplete Writing’.
  • Head to Qingce Village and talk to locals.
  • You will meet Granny Ruoxin located near East teleport point in Quingce Village.
  • Go to the ruin which located to the Southwest of Wuwan Hill
  • Then, activate 3 geo Statues and open the chest to look for the first fragment.
  • Go to the West of Quingce Village to solve the puzzle and obtain a second fragment.
  • Go to the highest point of Qingce Village and then solve the puzzle to obtain a third fragment.
  • After collecting all three fragments, you can then talk to Granny Ruoxin to get the next task, that’s Search Vault.
  • Look for a way into the vault near the waterfall, it’s behind the waterfall.
  • Use 3 fragments to open the closed gate.
  • Interact with the Qingce cache and then defeat all enemies inside of the vault.
  • Complete for the end of the vault and get the treasures.
  • Go back to Qingce Village and report to Granny Ruoxin.
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