How Find a Ton of Pinecones in Genshin Impact

Pinecones is typically an organ as part of the pine family which contains the reproductive structures. In Genshin Impact, you can also look for the pinecones that you can find in the wild. The pinecones is commonly found near the bottom of the pine trees. Of course, there are certain spots in Genshin Impact where mostly the pinecones are located.

Well, you may wonder how to get a ton of Pinecones in Genshin Impact. That’s a pretty way to do as long as you know the locations where the pinecones can be found. Thankfully, this  post will guide you finding a ton of pinecones easily. Here you go!

How Find a Ton of Pinecones in Genshin Impact

Finding A Ton of Pinecones,  Here’s the Guides!

To cook some food in Genshin Impact,  you probably will need pinecones as the main materials. However, pinecones are a good use in a meal. Once you reach Adventure Rank 12, you’re able to unlock the one-time dungeon, that’s Temple of the Wolf. Then, you should complete the task to unlock a recipe for Mondstadt Hash Browns.

In order to unlock a Mondstadt Hash Browns’s recipe, you will need to gather a ton of pinecones before. Here’s how!

Location 1: Find Pinecones in Qingce Village

Find Pinecones in Qingce Village1

The first location that you should visit to find pinecones is Qingce Village. You can find this location when you use the teleportation waypoint by the village in Liyue. You will then immediately find a bridge. In this location, you finally will get up to nine pinecones at any given time.

To reach the location, ensure to use the waypoint with “Q” in Qingce on the map for the easiest access. Once you find the pinecones on the bridge located west of Qingce Village, grab them up passing through the bridge. To ease you reach the Qingce Village, use the Genshin Impact map so it will lead you to the location.

Location 2: Find Pinecones in the Stormbearer Mountains

Find Pinecones in the Stormbearer Mountains

The second location where the pinecones can be found is in the Stormbearer Mountains. However, a cluster of pine cones will be near the Stormbearer Mountains Waypoint and behind the Shrine of the Depths near the Anemo Hypostasis. Generally, you will find about 10 pinecones in this location. So check them under the pine trees.

To reach the Stormbearer Mountains, you need to teleport to the northernmost waypoint on Stormbearer Mountains. Then, you can trek your way up to the Anemo Hypostasis boss. Along the way, you have to run into multiple pine trees picking the numerous Pinecones. However, this is the largest cluster in the area which is directly west of the Anemo boss.

Location 3: Find Pinecones in the Wolvendom

Find Pinecones in the Wolvendom

Wolvendom is a region in Mondstadt which is as Andrius’ home, the wolf of the North of the Four Winds and his wolf pack. Wolvendom is directly north of Dawn Winery and features pinecones scattered throughout it.

There are not any clusters as you may find in the previous spots in the area of Genshin Impact. However, it’s so great if you really need some extra pinecones to round out your inventory.

Location 4: Find Pinecones in Cape OathFind Pinecones in Cape Oath

The recommended location to find pinecones is Cape Oath. In this location, you will find numerous pine trees with a near-endless supply of pinecones under them just to the north of the teleporter on Cape Oath. However, this spot in Mondstadt can be a great location to farm Electro Crystals and some Iron Ore. That’s why Cape Oath is the reliable place to visit regularly.

Well, those are all locations that you can visit to get a ton of pinecones. All of them will give you a lot of pinecones until having a ton every couple of days.

What Are Pinecones For in Genshin Impact?

As we’ve mentioned above, the pinecones can be the main material when you cook a certain food. At least there are 3 food menus which will need pinecones on. So, here they are:

  1. Sauteed Matsutake

Sauteed Matsutake

Sauteed Matsutake is one of the food items in Genshin Impact that you can cook. In order to get this recipe, you can obtain from Good Hunter for 5,000 Mora once you reach Adventure Rank 35.

Here’s for recipe of Sauteed Matsutake:

    • 3 x Matsutake
    • 3 x Flour
    • 2 x Pinecones
    • 2 x Butter

Based on the quality of the food, this item will increase the Party’s attack by 160/194/228 for 300 seconds. Just like other food in Genshin Impact, it has no effect for the players in Co-Op Mode. Its effect is just for the player’s party.

  1. Mondstadt Hash Brown

Mondstadt Hash Brown

Use pinecones as the ingredients to cook Mondstadt Hash Brown. Just like Sauteed Matsutake, Mondstadt Hash Brown is also a food item that you can cook in Genshin Impact. This recipe can be obtained by completing the domain Temple of the Wolf once you reach Adventure Rank 15.

Here’s for recipe of Mondstadt Hash Brown:

    • 2 x Pinecones
    • 1 x Potato
    • 1 x Jam

Based on the quality of this food, Mondstadt Hash Brown food will restore 30/32/34 of Maximum HP. It will also give an additional 600/ 1,250/ 1,900 Hp to the selected character. This food will not target other player’s characters in Co-Op Mode.

  1. Puppy-Paw Hash Brown

Puppy-Paw Hash Brown

This is a special food that you can cook in Genshin Impact. You are able to cook this food, by completing the cooking of Mondstadt Hash Brown with Razor. As you know to get the Mondstadt Hash Browns recipe, you should complete the domain Temple of the  Wolf once you reach Adventure Rank 15.

Here’s for the recipe of Puppy-Paw Hash Brown:

    • 2 x Pinecones
    • 1 x Potato
    • 1 x Jam

The Puppy-Paw Hash Brown food will restore 40% of maximum HP. It will also give an additional 2,350 HP to the selected character. Just like most foods, it cannot target another player’s character in Co-Op Mode.

Well, those are all food recipes that will need pinecones as the ingredients. We think that it’s a great time for you to get started finding the pinecones in some locations that we have mentioned above. Good Luck!

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