Highest Adventure Rank Genshin Impact

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Adventure Rank is believed as the most important thing due to its influence in the strength of the character in the Genshin Impact. This one is a bit different compared to the level system mechanic from the traditional RPG or MMO games. It has a big role in affecting the level threshold of your character and even the items that can be obtained.

About Adventure Rank

In the world of Genshin Impact, Adventure Rank refers to the one that will give you access to better item drops, higher ascensions, harder monsters, and better rewards from dungeons or quest. It is able to unlock the higher character ascension, weapon ascension, domains, and world level.

Highest Adventure Rank Genshin Impact

There are four important things in increasing the overall stats of your character, which include:

    • Character Ascension
    • Weapon Ascension
    • World Level
    • Domains

Highest Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact

The highest Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact should be 55, according to the table below.

Adventure Rank (AR) World Level (WL) Ascension to Next WL Enemy Level Range (approx.) Characters & Weapons Notes
Max Ascension Max Level
1 0 1-25 None 20
15 1st 40
20 1 Automatic Increase 15-31
25 2 Clear Ascension Quest 1 25-41 2nd 50
30 3 Automatic Increase 35-51 3rd 60 Weekly Bosses can drop 5 star Artifacts.
35 4 Clear Ascension Quest 2 45-61 4th 70
40 5 Automatic Increase 55-72 5th 80 Normal Bosses can drop 5 star Artifacts
45 6 Clear Ascension Quest 3 65-81 Unlocks Level 90 artifacts Domains, which guarantee at least one 5 star Artifacts.
50 7 Clear Ascension Quest 4 71-91 6th 90 Two 5 star Talent Level Up Material guaranteed from Weekly Bosses
55 8 Automatic Increase 5 star Artifact guarantee from Normal Bosses

Methods to increase Adventure Rank

There are a ton of methods that you can try if you want to increase the Adventure Rank. However, you are able to only do most of them one time. Aside from that, some of them will reward you a lot more experience points compared to the rest and some will need original resin.

For those who are dreaming to raise your Adventure Rank fast, it is important for you to focus on the ones that give you the most experience points. Most of them can be done in one time, meaning you are able to do the rest once you have completed them.

Here is the explanation of the things that can be done if you want to level up your Adventure Rank.

AR Experience Sources Required Original Resin Priority
Commission Quests No one Very high
Archon Quests No one (one time only) Very high
World Quests No one (one time only) Very high
Story Quests No one (one time only) Very high
Anemoculus or Geoculus No one (one time only) High
Hunting World Boss 60 Original Resins High
Unlocking Teleport Waypoints No one High
Hunting Elite Boss 40 Original Resins Medium
Clearing Domains No one or 20 Original Resins Medium to high
Opening Treasure Chests No one Medium
Adventurer’s Handbook No one (one time only) Low
Let Line Outcrop 20 Original Resins Low

Commission Quests are the ones that can be unlocked once you reach the Adventure Rank 12. You will be able to get 4 quests that can be finished every day once it is unlocked. Each of them will reward you 250 Adventure Experience Points. In addition, it is also possible for you to get an additional 500 EXP points once you have finished all of the 4. Feel free to claim it from Katheryne in the guild booth of the adventure in either Mondstadt or Liyue.

Commission Quests is the most reliable source of AR experience points and you will only need about 10 minutes to finish. You are recommended to do it first when you log into the game.

Archon Quests are the main story quests of Lumine or Aether. You will be given the most experience points out of all the things listed above. However, it is different if you compared it to the Commission Quests. This one can be only done once and is usually locked by a required Adventure Rank level. When you are allowed to, please do this.

World Quests are also known as side quests. You will be rewarded a lot of AR experience points and it is allowed by your current Adventure Rank. This one is taken from the other people that you found in the Genshin Impact world. In some cases, walking around a specific area can be triggered. You might even find some hidden quests that are helpful to unlock new domains and get a lot of additional experience points.

After finishing the archon Quests and Daily Commissions, you should make a move by trying to finish some of the World Quests. Since finding them is not as easy as the first two methods mentioned earlier, you might need a guide.

Just like the World Quests, Story Quests are also like the side quests. The difference is that they have more to do with the story of the playable characters in the game. In the game, there are currently 10 popular Story Quests, meaning you have 10 more additional sources of AR experience points.

Several of them are locked until you reach the required Adventure Rank and some of them also need keys that can be obtained by completing 8 Commission Quests. The access to these quests can be immediately earned as you progress in the game. Do not forget to not skip on them if you want to boost the Adventure Rank.

A lot of Adventure Points can be earned by offering Anemoculus and Geoculus to the Statue of the Seven. Collecting all of them is not easy but they are effective in boosting the experience points. It is useful for not only the Adventure Rank points but also for the maximum stamina it adds for your character. Besides, it is also useful for combat.

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