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Genshin Impact comes with achievements both known and hidden that the players of Genshin Impact are able to unlock by fulfilling certain criteria. Among lots of Genshin Impact achievements, there is one in particular named Geo Archon Anecdotes. It is a lot hard to unlock as it is related to daily commissions.

The players are able to unlock the Geo Archon Anecdotes achievement in Genshin Impact by completing a repeatable daily commission “Geo Travel Diary” that is given by an NPC who goes by the name of Musheng. For those who want to find out information about Geo Travel Diary, you are at the right page. Here we are going to share some information about that. Keep staying on this page to get information you need.

About Geo Travel Diary

About Geo Travel Diary

Geo Travel Diary is a repeatable NPC Commission in Genshin Impact. This daily commission takes place at Yiyan Temple within Liyue Harbor. In Geo Travel Diary commission, the players are going to get four dialogue branches where each branch leads to an item request and reward. Completing all the quest branches, and getting their respective item rewards are able to unlock the Geo Archon Anecdotes achievement. So, in total the players have to go through the Geo Traveler Diary daily commission quest at least four times.

Geo Travel Diary Commission different branches and their requirements

There are four different quest dialogue branches that the players get during the Geo Travel Diary commission. Invalid items cannot be selected

  • In the first branch, the players need to give plants and ingredients to Musheng that are related to Liyue.
  • In the second branch, the players have to give ores.
  • In the third branch, the players have to give dishes.
  • In the last branch, they have to give Glaze Lily.

Branch 1 (Give the following plants and ingredients to Musheng):

    • Bird Egg
    • Apple
    • Berry
    • Carrot
    • Jueyun Chili
    • Flaming Flower Stamen
    • Horsetail
    • Lotus Head Matsutake
    • Mint
    • Mist Flower Corolla
    • Mushroom
    • Pinecone
    • Qingxin
    • Radish
    • Silk Flower
    • Sunsettia
    • Sweet Flower
    • Snapdragon
    • Violet Grass.

Branch 2 (Give the following ores to Musheng):

Branch 3 (Give the following dishes to Musheng)

    • Jade Parcels
    • Jewelry Soup
    • Almond Tofu
    • Black-Back Perch Stew
    • Jueyun Chili Chicken
    • Mora Meat
    • Squirrel Fish
    • Matsutake Meat Rolls
    • Stir-Fried File
    • Zhongyuan Chop Suey

Branch 4: Give Glaze Lily to Musheng. For your information, Glaze Lily is An extremely ancient flower. This flower can be discovered within the Liyue Region. After selecting a certain dialogue path, Madame Ping gives 5 Glaze Lilies once. Starconch is not a valid item for this commission, despite being a Liyue local specialty.

Upon completion, you are going to get a quest item called Legend of the Geo Archon, detailing the story that Musheng talked about. After listening to 3 different branches, Musheng will take the first two quest items you received, so remove them from your inventory. Ensure to keep track of the ones you have already completed for the Achievement.

After completing each branch at least once, you are going to get the Stone Harbor’s Nostalgia – Series I Achievement “Geo Archon Anecdotes.” You do not need to own the “Legend of the Geo Archon” quest items in your inventory, after the third branch you complete, the previous two branches’ quest items you got will be removed.

Geo Travel Diary Steps

There are only two steps for completing Geo Travel Diary Commission:

    • Talk to Musheng.
  • Talk to Musheng.
    • Give Musheng things relating to Liyue.

Give Musheng things relating to Liyue.

Now, you are able to go to Musheng’s location and talk to him to initiate this quest. When talking to him, depending on your choice, you are going to get an objective to collect a specific item. With every commission, you are only able to get one task from Musheng. In a single run, the achievement cannot be completed by the player. Remember that you need to complete this Geo Travel Diary quest at least 4 times. In every quest, you have to choose a different choice and collect the item.

Geo Travel Diary Rewards

This Geo Travel Diary commission grants the below AR-dependent rewards upon completion:

Primogem Adventure Rank EXP Mora Companionship EXP Fine E. Ore


E. Ore

12~15 10 175 1,850 15 1~4
16~20 10 200 2,125 20 1~4 0~1
21~25 10 200 2,400 20 1~4 0~1
26~30 10 225 2,675 25 1~4 0~1
31~35 10 225 2,950 25 1~4 0~1
36~40 10 250 3,225 30 1~3 0~2
41~45 10 250 3,500 30 1~3 0~2
46~50 10 250 3,775 35 1~3 0~2
51~55 10 250 4,075 35 1~3 0~2
56~60 10 250 4,350 40 0~2 1~3

For note: These Geo Travel Diary rewards are lower than for most commissions in Genshin Impact.

Of course, there are the rewards that players get for completing all the quest branches in Geo Travel Diary commission. After completing this Geo Travel Diary commission, the players are able to get a Legend of the Geo Archon: The Groundbreaker, God of the Stove, God of History or God of Wealth, corresponding to the dialogue branch they listened to. So, make sure that you are able to complete the quest.

After listening to your third dialogue branch, two things will occur:

  • You are going to get Almond Tofu on top of the rewards (the commission rewards + Legend of the Geo Archon).
  • You are going to lose two Legend of the Geo Archon notes in your inventory and get one. Currently, there is a bug: the rewards sidebar is going to show you have gained the corresponding Legend of the Geo Archon note for the branch you completed, however it can be removed from your inventory while one of the previous notes you got will remain.
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