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Genshin Impact has introduced a new feature called Seelies (Mini Seelies) where the players are able to have pets in the game. Well, let us learn more about Seelie in Genshin Impact and Genshin Seelie Fanart as well.

Finding Genshin Seelie Fanart

Recently, there are many players of Genshin Impact who talk about Genshin Seelie Fanart. Some of you may not know where you can find Seelie Fanart. You do not worry about that as here we are going to inform you how to get Seelie Fanart. Need to know that there are some sites that provide all characters of Genshin Impact art including Genshin Seelie art. One of them is From that site, you will be able to find Genshin Seelie art and other characters art of Genshin Impact. When you want to find Genshin Seelie art in, you are able to login first. Actually, without you login, you can still find Genshin Seelie art.

Genshin Seelie Fanart-

Once we were at the site of Deviantart, we found Genshin Seelie art. The image size is 513x504px 355.73 KB. Lots of people who like that Seelie art. If you are a fan of art, you are able to join and become a member of Deviantart. To get more information, you have to visit

About Seelie in Genshin Impact

Seelie are mysterious being all over Teyvat. They are called Will-o’-the-wisp from classic folklore and are also the real sea creatures named Clione in appearance. Each Seelie belongs to the respective Seelie Court, a statue which is finally Seelie seems to rest.

 Seelie in Genshin Impact

Usually, Seelie can be found around puzzles, treasure, or locations of interest. Also, the courts are able to be hidden behind the breakable objects such as the large rock formations with cracks in them, or out in the open. The treasure chests are going to appear after Seelie has settled back into the court. If you discover a Seelie Court that has no Seelie in it, you are able to activate their Elemental Sight. A blue trail can lead in the direction that the Seelie currently is. If you see a Seelie but cannot find its court, you have to use your elemental sight near the Seelie to show a trail in the direction their court is.

The History of Genshin Seelie

Based on the history, Seelies in Genshin Impact are the remnants of a bygone race that held nice forms and immense wisdom, and utilized it to guide mankind. Also, they had palaces outside the realm the gods currently hold authority over. But, now all they offer is small treasures to those willing to follow them.

Warming Seelie

Warming Seelie

In Dragonspine, a type of Seelie has evolved to survive the harsh colds. Those Seelie are different to the average Seelie. They have a red appearance resembling flames. Seelie produces heat to keep travelers warm and insulated from sheer cold. Aside from that, after settling in their Seelie Courts, the Warming Seelie is going to continue to produce heat. The players made the Warming Bottle specially designed to imitate the heat which Warming Seelie produces for helping the adventurers survive in cold climates.

Mini Seelie

Basically, Mini Seelie are infant versions of the Seelie. In their appearance, they do not have the pointed lower body, the flowing scarf or the two trailing whiskers, only consist of the head part of an adult Seelie. In contrast, they do not have the typical chime-like sounds associated with the presence of an adult Seelie, instead sometimes bursting out with really excited squeaky noises betraying their juvenile nature.

A famous one is a Treasure-Seeking Seelie that actively searches for treasures, namely Iron Coins, instead of going back to their Court. Formerly, Ulman had one who helped him, however unfortunately stopped responding to him, and instead lent it to the Traveler whom the Mini Seelie like. By getting enough Silver Coins, one of three variations of Mini Seelie can be exchanged. Those three Mini Seelie are Rose, Dayflower, and Curcuma. Unlike the Treasure Seeking Seelie, those three Seelies have an idle animation and make noises.

Genshin Seelie Locations

Easily, you are able to find an interactive map of Seelie locations. Also, you are able to find their courts. As of 1.3, currently, there are 164 Seelie throughout the land of Teyvat. For your information, there are 52 located in Mondstadt, 83 in Liyue and 32 in Dragonspine.

Apparently, there are three achievements, with three parts each, related to guiding Seelie back to their courts:

  • For the achievement “Guiding Wind”, you have to guide 10/20/40 Seelie back to their courts.
  • For the achievement “Lithic Guide”, you have to guide 20/40/60 Seelie back to their courts.
  • For the achievement “Seelie in the Snow”, you have to guide 5/10/20 Warming Seelie back to their courts.

The fact of Genshin Seelie

Genshin Seelie and their statues are named after the Seelie Courts of Scottish Folklore. They are described as the fairies who seek help from humans, and will return kindness favors of their own. In Genshin Impact, the behavior of Seelie rewards you with treasures if you guide them to their statues, alludes to this folklore.

Currently, there is a bug in the game which will incorrectly count your progress towards the Guiding Wind and Lithic Guide achievements, where the game miss a Seelie you have already guided, or probably count some additional times.

Here are three loading screens relate to Seelie:

  • Now you see them, now you do not. Once a race that lived to guide mankind, now the Seelie offer is a little treasure to willing followers.
  • Seelie wants to return to their Seelie Courts. If you see the remains of a small statue like this, you are able to use Elemental Sight to discover traces of the Seelie.
  • Dragonspine’s unique climate has caused the Seelie to mutate. The gentle warmth of a Warming Seelie will be able to help alleviate effects of the bitter cold. Also, its warmth can be used to trigger mechanisms.
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