Genshin Impact Wishing Simulator

The Genshin Impact wishing simulator allows the player to make wishes on the several banners which will be available in the game. By doing this, the player will receive a simulated gift for the wish they’ve made. The Wishing Simulator is made by fans, meaning it’s not an official miHoYo’s wishing simulator.

Which makes this wishing simulator so gorgeous is because it has been made very close to what the Genshin Impact Wish chances. However, you should notice that the results you will receive through the Wish Simulator will not carry forward to the game. so, is it just for fun? To know more about Wishing Simulator, let’s see our post below!

The Background of Wishing Simulator

Wishing Simulator came from a situation where a fellow player cannot afford to spend real money on a gacha character. With the Wishing Simulator, players can hopefully test their luck through the real Wish Banner from miHoYo. Need to know, Wishing Simulator is a third party that displays a similar looking event banner and drop rate as the one in the game.

You may already know that Genshin Impact allows you to wish once on the character or weapon banners at the cost 160 Primogems or through an Intertwined/ Acquaint Fate. It might be a long journey of saving it from daily commissions or quest rewards as it takes about 90 wishes to reach the mercy system and eventually give the character or a 5 star weapon.

To make it come true, the player who can spend money on the game can easily do it by buying the Genesis Crystals from the Top-Up Store to get their favorite characters in the game. Because most of the players cannot spend their real money to purchase the Genesis Crystals, so, the alternative way that they take is through the Wishing Simulator.

For example, through the Wishing Simulator, you can test your luck on the Epitome Invocation banner featuring 5-stars weapons, that’s Amo’s bow. Then, through the Adrift in the Harbor banner, it features 5-star character Ganyu.

Through the Wishing Simulator, you can also wish for your preferred character and weapons with similar drop rates as the official wish banners. Even though the character that you can obtain through the Wishing Simulator cannot be played in the game. There is also no confirmation from miHoYo whether the player will get similar results after wishing in the actual banner, so it’s just pure luck and for fun.

We think that the Wishing Simulator in Genshin Impact can only give self-satisfaction, but it will not apply in-game use. All of the Wishing Simulator is just for fun as well.

All Wishing Simulators You Can Try

There are a total of 10 Wishing Simulators that you can use similar as the original Genshin Impact banner. Here’s how the all-Wishing Simulator works!

  • Epitome Invocation

Epitome Invocation2

This is one of the wishing simulators which comes in the form of a rolling system. This simulator is for the Epitome Invocation gacha banner in Genshin Impact. You can test your luck to get the two 5-stars weapons, they are Primordial Jade Winged-Spear and Eye of Perception. To use this wish simulator, you just simply press the ‘Give it a shot!’ button to roll 10 times which is probably your luck in the game.

  • Invitation to Mundane Life

Invitation to Mundane Life1

This roll simulator allows you to get your luck in order to obtain Xiao, as the 5-stars character in Genshin Impact. Aside from Xiao, you can also have a chance to get other characters including Keqing, Qiqi, Mona, Diluc, and also Jean.

  • Beginner’s Wish

Beginner’s Wish

This wish simulator allows you to receive Noelle for the first 10 sets from10-set 20% off. This gacha banner will give you  at least one 40star or higher character. The other characters that you can get from this gacha banner are Keqing, Qiqi, Mona, Diluc, and also Jean.

  • Secretum Secretorum

Secretum Secretorum

Through this gacha banner, you will have a chance to unlock a 5-stars character named Albedo. Aside from that, there are other 5-stars characters that you can get from this banner, they are Keqing, Qiqi, Mona, Diluc, and Jean.

  • Adrift in the Harbor

Adrift in the Harbor

This wish simulator allows you to test your luck in order to get a 5-stars character named Ganyu. You will also have a chance to get other 5-stars characters including Keqing, Qiqi, Mona, Diluc, and Jean.

  • Dance of Lanterns

Dance of Lanterns

Keqing is a 5-star character which is available in Dance of Lanterns gacha banner. Through the wish simulator, you absolutely can test your luck whether you can really get Keqing or not. Besides, there are 5-star characters that you probably will get from this gacha banner, they are Qiqi, Mona, Diluc, and Jean.

  • Gentry of Hermitage

Gentry of Hermitage

This is one of the gacha banners which allows you to get Zhongli, as a 5-star Genshin Impact character. If you really desire to get him as your character, you can try to see your luck through a wish simulator whether you can get Zhongli or not. The other characters that you can get from this gacha banner are Keqing, Qiqi, Diluc, Mona, Jean, and Xinyan.

Farewell of Snezhnaya1

Tartaglia is the 5-stars character that you can get from Farewell of Snezhnaya banner. You can try to know your luck through a wish simulator and see whether the Tartaglia character is yours or not. You can also get more 5-stars characters through gacha banners including Keqing, Qiqi, Diluc, Mona, Jean, and Diona.

  • Sparkling Steps

Sparkling Steps

Get Klee character through Sparkling Steps gacha banner. You can also unlock other characters from this gacha banner including Sucrose, Noelle, and Xingqi. By rolling a wish simulator, you will see how lucky you are in getting the Klee or vice versa.

  • Ballad in Goblets

Ballad in Goblets

This is one of the official gacha banners from Genshin Impact that allows you to get Venti, a 5-stars character. If you are lucky, you totally will get him and use him as your party member. To know your luck, you can try rolling the wish simulator by pressing the ‘Give it a shot!’ button to roll 10 times. Aside from Venti, you can also have  a chance to get other 5-stars characters, they are Keqing, Qiqi, Diluc, Mona and Jean.

Those are all wishing simulators which show the same as the official gacha banner from Genshin Impact. Try it now!

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