Genshin Impact Windblume Festival Quest Guide

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Genshin Impact update 1.4 brings some spectacular festivals to the game. One of them is Windblume Festival which is similar to the Lantern Rite where it consists of a mixture of mini-games, quests and also story content. This festival focuses on the characters of Mondstadt like Bennett, Venti and Kaeya.

In other words, the Windblume Festival is such an opportunity for Mondstadt citizens to take part in a celebration. How to participate in this festival? Thankfully, this post will guide you how to participate in the Windblume Festival. Let’s see the guides below!

How to Take Part in the Windblume Festival?

If you want to participate in the Windblume Festival, make sure you already reach  Adventure Rank 20 and also complete the Archon Quest named “Ode to Flower and Cloud.” This quest takes place inside the city of Mondstadt which leads you to talk to various NPC’s around town before finding Venti under the Barbatos Statue.

Genshin Impact Windblume Festival Quest Guide

Well, if you fulfill the requirements, you surely will accept an invitation when you login to Genshin Impact. You can find the invitation on the Events Overview Screen. You can then access the event screen and choose Confirm and Go to Quest to start your way to Mondstadt. Then, in Mondstadt, you will enter the quest circle to start the festival named “Ode to Flower and Cloud.” You should complete this quest to begin the festival activities.

The Windblume Festival is optimized for co-op gameplay that can make things much easier especially for Peculiar Wonderland as the new festive domain in Genshin Impact. The good news, as the festival shop is stocked with everything from a new bow to talent leveling materials, so, there’s no lackage of amazing prizes either.

Here’s to Start Activities for the Windblume Festival!

At the beginning of the festival, Venti will ask you to give familiar NPCs love advice in a small-mini game whether you answer wrongly or correctly, this quest will be going on. Afterward, Kaeya will appear to challenge Venti’s teaching methods. Then, after a short bit of banter between them, the Windblume festival will completely open up.

At least, there are three main Windblume story quests which will become available throughout the week:

    • March 22: Missive of Cloud and Fog
    • March 25: Realm of Fog and Wind
    • March 28: Dream of Fog and Flower

Then, those will each pick up where the last left off and Venti will be then the main star of those quests.

Do Three Challenges in Windblume Festival

At least, there are 3 challenges that you can play in Mondstadt in the Windblume Festival. To activate the mini games, you should speak with Lizzie located outside Mondstadt’s west gate three separate times. In addition, each event has four parts which will be released along with the new Windblume story missions.

Sure, every challenge has a set score where you should beat to earn great rewards like Mora and Primogems. You totally can see the scores before taking on this event and playing the two co-op enabled games to get the scores easier.

Here’s how to start the challenges in the Windblume Festival!

    • Bullseye Balloon

Bullseye Balloon

For the first challenge, you will be surrounded by balloons and should hit them with your arrow to score the points. At least, there are four different types of balloons in this game, they are:

    • Heart Balloons will explode in an AoE.
    • Flower Balloons will give a large number of points.
    • Green Balloons will grant a small number of points.
    • Heartbreak Balloons will subtract points.

You can aim for balloons which can be stationary and moving across the map. If you hit the balloons, it will help to increase your score. However, you should be careful of heart balloons put near heartbreak balloons. Then, you should create a circle around the field to make sure scoring the most points as balloons on the field will change  fast.

We recommend you to use Amber as she is a bow user to easily hit the balloons.

    • Floral Freefall

Floral Freefall

The second mini game is Floral Freefall as a pretty simple challenge in this festival. You just need to simply jump from a platform suspended high in the air and gather greens orbs to up your score. The flowers will also appear which have a reliable huge amount of points. However, you should be careful for mud balls which can cloud your screen.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to get all the balls. What you should do is to concentrate on landing inside the flower wreath and getting as many orbs and flowers as possible when they are falling. You can use the glider to control your character while playing this festival.

    • Ballad Of Breeze

Ballad Of Breeze

This mini game is only for single players where you perfectly follow the beat of in-game music. You should time your button presses with the song. Then, when you complete each difficulty, a harder one will unlock. Each song has three difficulties including normal, hard and pro.

To complete this challenge, you simply have to pick the mini-games from the Windblume menu. You should watch out as it shouldn’t be done in areas with a lot of green due to it creating the rhythm circles much harder to see.

Complete Mini-Games in Peculiar Wonderland

Peculiar Wonderland is a friendly domain with a unique spin. You should have to complete three mini-games where you collect the flowers to activate battle bonuses. Those bonuses will increase your attack, speed, crit rate and defense but randomly chosen. You will be randomly chosen and are as follow:

    • Dodging Bubbles: You should move to the path and collect the flowers while avoiding the hydro bubbles.
    • Memorizing an Invisible Path: You should memorize the path before it disappears to create it to the other side.
    • Falling Blocks: You should collect the flowers while ensuring you are not on the collapse floor tiles.
    • Flower Catch: You should catch falling flowers while avoiding the red explosive ones.
    • Barrage: The dodge attacks sent by center monolith will get enough flowers to unlock the three buffs.

Join Festive Anecdotes

The Festive Anecdotes are small quests which will be given by NPC Mondstadt during the Windblume Festival. They will be released later as new story quests of Windblume Festival. Those quests are quite simple, you just simply clean off the rooftops and give 20 Primogems a piece.

Those are the following rewards that you will get for the Windblume Festival:

    • Windblume Ode Bow
    • The Visible Winds: Windblume Ode Refinement Material
    • Windsong Lyre
    • Windblume Festival Commemorative Balloon
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