Genshin Impact Wanmin Welcome Event QR Code

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Wanmin Welcome is the latest web event rolled out by Genshin Impact. This event is held before the Genshin Impact update 1.4 comes. This event was starting from 16th March 2021 13:00 – until 25th March, 2021 23:59 (UTC+8). It means that the Wanmin Welcome event is still ongoing. How about you? Are you ready to participate in this event?

If so, of course, you should know how to participate in the Wanmin Welcome event. You may already know to join this event, you have to scan the QR code to finally join the Wanmin Welcome event. However, by scanning the QR code, you will be able to access this event. Then, how to find the QR code and how to scan it? Let’s see the way below!

How to Find Wanmin Welcome Event QR Code ?

The Wanmin Welcome event is available on all platforms, but on PC, Mobile and also PS4, you can also access the event through scanning the QR Code. Sure, to access this event, you should know how to scan the QR code depending on the device you use.

    • On PC and Mobile

If you use PC or Mobile to join Wanmin Welcome event, you just simply access the web event by clicking the link here. Once you’re at the page, you can then click on Enter option and enter your username/email and password to login to Genshin Impact. Then, click on Log In button to start join the event.

Genshin Impact Wanmin Welcome Event QR Code

While, if you want to join a Wanmin Welcome event with mobile, you can also scan a QR code on your phone. Well, the QR code here can be found on the left when you access the link above.

    • On PS4

A lot of PS4 users complained that the QR code is not working to scan. So, they are not able to join this event. If you’re on PS4, you can simply access the Wanmin Welcome event by checking email in-game email. Once you receive an email, you can then click on Go to Event option to continue to the event.

To note, if you want to easily access the Wanmin Welcome event, please don’t delete the mail in your game.

If you still do not receive an email, you instead can use the QR code reader app to easily scan the code. You can try downloading the QRQR , a QR code reader app. Some users also claim to use Google Lens to find easy access to Wanmin Welcome events.

How to Play Wanmin Welcome Event?

Wanmin Welcome can also be  mentioned as a cooking event in which the participants should have a total of 9 set meal options and each set allows you to cook 6 dishes. Of course, before going on cooking the dishes, you should choose a set meal first. The selected set meal will have a star icon on them, so you will know which one you will choose.

In the way of choosing the set meal, you can also switch between set meals by clicking the switch icon next to the set meal name. After you choose a set meal, you should prepare one meal at a time. It’s better for you to only cook dishes for one set meal in order to collect the rewards as soon as possible. However, if you keep switching between set meals, you may not have enough cooking attempts to completely finish this meal.

Once you choose a set meal, you can continue to cook the dishes. Generally, cooking meals in Wanmin Welcome events is similar to cooking in-game. To cook the dishes, you can press the button below the pan to start cooking. Then, to stop the cooking, you can press it again in the marked gray area.

After cooking the dishes is completed, you can then serve the dishes from the Tray. To get the tray, you should access the Tray and choose the dishes you want to serve. Or you can just click on the transparent icons to automatically serve the dishes.

However, if you change the selected set meals before claiming the rewards, the dishes surely will go back to your Tray.

How many times can you cook the dishes in a day? Of course, you can only cook three dishes in one day.

Sure, if your dish doesn’t get the perfect result the first time you start cooking, you don’t need to worry, because an unsuccessful dish won’t waste your cooking effort. Fortunately, the unused cooking attempts will not stack, so it’s better for you to use up all your cooking attempts in a day.

How to get more cooking attempts? If you want to get more cooking attempts, you should complete daily tasks. You surely can cook two more meals each day by completing the Daily Tasks. To get it, you can easily check the button shown above to see what each day’s tasks are. Ensure to complete those tasks to easily claim rewards on time.

How to Claim the Wanmin Welcome Event Rewards?

Need to know, the rewards for Wanmin Welcome is a bit different for each Rewards Package. Each one contains a certain amount of Mora, Primogems, Hero’s Wit and Mystic Enhancement Ore. Aside from that, you can also earn a copy of each dish you cook in the event along with the other rewards.

Make sure to choose your rewards wisely as you can only pick 3 out of the 9 available packages in the event.

Well, the Wanmin Welcome event rewards will be sent to your in-game mail. So, ensure to check your in-game mail to easily claim your rewards. If the rewards have been delivered to your in-game mail, you should collect them as soon as possible as the mail will expire in 30 days along with the rewards.

The background of the Wanmin Welcome event is to push you to join Xiangling when she prepares a bunch of tasty food for people who are visiting Wanmin Restaurant, but she is running out of spare hands. So, you should help her to make a whole bunch of tasty meals to satisfy the hungry crowds.

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