Genshin Impact Virtual World Like Sao

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Seeing the booming success of Genshin Impact, miHoYo, as its developer, has a gorgeous plan to make use of its success with Genshin Impact. The plan here refers to a ‘virtual world’ which will be created by miHoYo for the foreseeable future. This was revealed by Cai Haoyu, as the President of miHoYo at the Zoom conference On February 20.

If you are wondering about this great plan, let’s see some facts about the Genshin Impact virtual world on our post below!

miHoYo’s Virtual World Plan

miHoYo’s Virtual World Plan

The virtual world of Genshin Impact is targeted to accommodate at least one billion people by 2030. Well, the virtual world here will be similar to what you see in ‘Ready Player One’ or ‘The Matrix’ movie. This virtual world plan is likely similar to Sao, as a Japanese video game which carries virtual reality technology.

The Genshin Impact developer also revealed about the game creation and miHoYo’s 10 year plan for the future. Well, the virtual world plant is one of the most interesting plans as a massive plan from miHoYo which is expected by 2030. They also hope that in the next 10, 20 or even 30 years, miHoYo will be able to create the virtual words which can totally make fans excited for it.

The current miHoYo’s vision is to create a gigantic virtual world as a place where 1 billion people around the world will like to live in by 2030. Cai Hanyu, as miHoYo president, pointed to the reason why he created Genshin Impact as it was likely the open world concept which happens to be the prototype closest to the virtual world today.

Well, from this prototype here, miHoYo will repeat and perform step-by-step to finally create the virtual world as they expect. They also intend to gradually approach the virtual world concept as their plan.

Of course, the virtual world here sounds gorgeous for the average weeb although miHoYo needs to ensure in making the logging out problem easy. Many Genshin Impact fans hope that the virtual world eventually can be accessed by the general public.

In addition, miHoyo has been interested in putting more effort into research related to Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, it’s very useful for providing the best content that meets the needs of users or the community.

With such a big plan, miHoYo will also open a research and development center so that the plan can be quickly realized. Of course, we as Genshin Impact fans cannot wait for the biggest plan that miHoYo have to make the Virtual World as real as possible.

miHoYo’s Growth

Since the release of the game titled open the world, Genshin Impact, miHoYo has grown rapidly. In other words, through Genshin Impact, miHoYo can ultimately reap a lot of benefits. We really know that the popularity of the Genshin Impact game is climbing quite fast, beating games that have been released for a long time.

The proof, currently miHoYo has 2400 employees in 2020, an increase of 1000 people compared to 2019. Around 700 people work and dedicate to the Genshin Impact game. Genshin Impact was released at the end of September last year, but it quickly attracted company revenue in 2020 exceeding 5 billion yuan, or around ~ $ 772 million USD.

One of the important points in 2014 was the fact that miHoYo managed the rhythm of releasing a core product every 3 – 4 years. They also emphasize that the strategy of a company is to create products which exceed the users’ expectation which is presented in their internal development philosophy for something new, attractive, and something out of imagination.

Cai Hanyu explained that the product after the hurdles in 2013 is progressing better. He admitted before releasing Genshin Impact, he was also confused about the strategy which the company will take to introduce this game to the world. He was ever worried for the span of hardware performance and also the quality upgrade of the game which has become too small to exceed user’s expectations.

How Much Does miHoYo Make Money Through Genshin Impact?

As we know, miHoYo has made a profit through the game he just released, that’s Genshin Impact. Reported from Sensor Tower, miHoYo fantastically has produced revenue around $393 million since the launch of Genshin Impact in late September, 2020. Well, the profit comes from many downloads from any device.

The miHoYo’s worth which got from the mobile app in January 2021 was around $115 million including $71 million for iOS apps and $44 million for Android Apps. Total download on mobile apps was around 6 milluion including 3 million iOS app downloads and 3 million Android app downloads.

As of writing, miHoYo has a total of 33 apps which include 21 iOS apps and 12 Android apps. Well, the most widely downloaded game from miHoYo is Genshin Impact. Although Sensor Tower did not show a total of profit for Genshin Impact non-mobile versions, but the profit from mobile devices can also be a parameter that this game has made a combined average of over $6 million a day on Android and iOS since its release.

Moreover, in the United States, Genshin Impact has attracted more than $20 million users which is a form of revenue which is bigger than gacha. Need to know that the gacha system of Genshin Impact has been criticized for its way of encouraging players to become more consumptive and tend to spend real money into the game is too much.

A Bit About SAO

A Bit About SAO

Sword Art Online or ‘SAO’is an anime that tells about a game world that will be released in a video game with virtual reality technology. Reportedly Sword Art Online will carry the title Sword Art Online: Progressive adapted from the light novel of the same title. This will recount the original journey in the world of SAO.

Moreover, each player can enter the game world and feel what it is like with the help of tools which will stimulate the five senses through their brains so they can control themselves in the game. Instead of enjoying the game world, it turns out that there are challenges that threaten the lives of the players. Sword Art Online players apparently can’t get out of the game world. That’s such an interesting game, isn’t it?

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