Genshin Impact Royal Weapons Worth It

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Last December, there were lots of small changes in Gensin Impact, starting from changing the banner character, offering exclusive Paimon items to the many royal-themed weapons available at Paimon’s Bargains. We think every Genshim Impact player will amaze with those offerings.

Talking about Royal Weapons which are available in Paimon’s Bargain, most Genshin Impact players precisely question their worth in the game. How are the Royal Weapons worth? Are they worth your time? Or should the player get it in the game or not?

Genshin Impact Royal Weapons Worth It

Well, everything about the Royal Weapons’ worth will be explained in our post below! Let’s see them out!

How Worth the Royal Weapons Are?

We think there are a lot of players who have never accessed the shop in Genshin Impact before. Then, if you are the one, you can enter Paimon’s Bargains by opening the Genshin Impact’s menu and choosing ‘shop’. The Paimon’s Bargains is located in the third tab.

You may already know Paimon has a selection of goods which she allegedly orders and curates herself every month. However, it includes a rotating chance to get duplicates of specific characters and get some new exclusive weapons. Of course, the Paimon’s shop always has static selections such as materials that you can use to improve your level and talents.

The selections of goods which have appeared in Paimon’s Bargains are the Royal Weapons. As you know the items in Paimon’s Bargains are purchased with two exclusive currencies, they are Starglitter and Stardust. Well, those new Royale Weapons really need Starglitter which are only available from rolling items and 4-stars characters or higher.

The two exclusive currencies can be obtained with the Wish System. Anytime you get a 3-stars weapon through the gacha system, you will be granted 12 Stardust. Otherwise, 4-stars and 5-stars earnings will give you Starglitter.

Need to know, all 5-stars weapons come with 10 Starsglitters, while 4-stars weapons give two Starglitter. The characters in Genshin Impact also come with Starglitter. The 4-stars characters will give two Starglitter for the first seven times you get them. The number grows to five Starglitter per duplicate starting on your eighth draw.

Moreover, 5-stars characters give 10 Starglitter for the first seven times you draw the same character and 25 Starglitter starting at your eighth duplicate. Once you have earned enough, you’re able to buy a weapon for 24 Starglitter or a character for 34 Starglitter.

Here’s the List of Royal Weapons!

Royale Greatsword

Royale Greatsword weapons

Royale Greatsword is a Claymore weapon which has base attack by 44. This weapon at its base level can increase the player’s critical rate by 8% in each hit for a maximum five stacks. A CRIT hit can also remove all stacks. This rate will reset every time you land a critical hit. Amazingly, its effect is shared by every other weapon in the Royal weaponry family.

The critical effect of Royal Greatsword makes it hard to be a boon to any Claymore user due to their universally attack rather slow. The Royal Greatsword is a very useful weapon which relies on getting decisive blows like Diluc and Razor. Otherwise, if you do not have access to either of their preferred weapons, the Royale Greatsword can be your good option at all.

However, Royal Weapons also need at least one refinement to be of actual use to your character. Are you ready to buy the same Royal weapon at least twice? Get it by Starglitter Exchange.

Royal Longsword

Royal Longsword weapons

Royal Longsword is a superior weapon that you can use in Genshin Impact. As we know, there are a lot of swords users recently double as healers with the health restored scaled off their attack damage. however, the same characters can really boost their healing output by being equipped with Royal Longsword’s high critical ability. The best characters who will greatly use the Royale Longsword are Keqing, Xingqui, Qiqi.

Royal Spear

Royal Spear weapons

In Genshin Impact, the Royal Spear is argued as the best Royal weapon. This weapon comes in Polearm weapon type which has base attack by 44. The Royal Spear at its base level can increase the player’s critical rate by 8% in each hit for a maximum five stacks. A CRIT hit can also remove all stacks.

As a throwback, the polearm was once appreciated by a member of the old nobility which governed Mondstadt long ago. Even though it has never seen the light of day, it’s still incomparably sharp. Today, we know the polearm naturally attacks at a rapid pace, causing five hits to maximize critical damage which will likely be a breeze and allowing you to land critical hits more often than not. Well, to get maximal effect, pair the Royal  Spear with a high Polearm user like Zhongli.

Royal Bow

Royal Bow1

If you see, the Royal Bow is a gorgeous bow for some Genshin Impact characters. It will allow the user to hit multiple critical hits in succession. Royal bow at its base level can increase the player’s critical rate by 8% in each hit for a maximum five stacks. A CRIT hit can also remove all stacks.

The effect of Royal Bow will increase attack by 9.0%. This old royal longbow belonged to the erstwhile rulers of Mondstadt. Countless generations later, the bowstring is still tight and can fire arrows with superb force.

Royal Grimoire

Royal Grimoire weapons

Royal Grimoire is a perfect weapon especially for Klee due to Klee’s AoE attack. If you use Klee, she will make sure that a lot of hits land as critical blows. Then, most catalyst users will not make good use of this weapon at all.

The Royal Grimoire has a base attack by 44. After damaging an enemy, this weapon will increase CRIT Rate by 8% with maximum 5 stacks. Then, a CRIT hit can remove all stacks. You surely can get the Royal Grimoire by Starglitter Exchange in Paimon’s Bargains.

Well, those are all Royal Weapons which are very worth to use in the game, considering the attack damage is very highly offered. Make sure to choose the suitable and proper characters when using those Royal Weapons in Genshin Impact.

Hello guys, I am a RPG gamer. I like play Genshin Impact because it has perfect graphics and long walkthrough with full of challenges (quest). So I write anything about Genshin Impact here to share you.
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