Genshin Impact Red Creature Locations for Five Flushes of Fortune Event

The Five Flushes of Fortune event in the game of Genshin Impact Version 1.3 requires you to take photos of a specific subject each day, such as a Red Creature. Unlike Blue Creatures, this Red Creature can be a touch trickier to hunt down, especially if you want to get all ten photos for your daily Five Flushes of Fortune completion. Fortunately, there is an area or two area in Genshin Impact which is perfect for finding Red Creatures.

Five Flushes of Fortune Event Guide

In Genshin Impact version 1.3 update event Five Flushes of Fortune, the players are tasked with taking photographs of objects across Teyvat to exchange them for daily rewards. Need to know that the event takes place from February 3rd to February 10th. However the players of Genshin Impact with leftover photos are able to claim rewards up until February 13th.

Five Flushes of Fortune Event Guide

The first thing in starting the event is to discover Ji Tong’s location on the map that is marked by a camera icon. After the players have discovered Ji Tong, interact with the character to get the Kurious Kamera, that is added to the player’s inventory in the gadget tab. It is very important to note that to be eligible for the event the players have to reach adventure rank 20. Once the player gets the camera, Ji Tong will explain how he wants them to take pictures of objects with a strong color.

Apparently, there are five different colors of which Ji Tong wants photos. Those include:

    • Crimson (red)
    • Ocher (brown)
    • Pale gold (yellow)
    • Ultramarine (blue)
    • Purple aster (purple).

Each day, the players have the chance to turn in one of each of the aforementioned photo types to get a Fortune Trove. Inside the Fortune Trove, the players are going to get a guaranteed 60 primogems, in addition to either 12 Heroes Wit, 24 Mystic Enhancement Ore, or 120,000 Mora.

If the players want to take a photo of an object, the players are able to equip the Kurious Kamera in the gadget tab and then look through the lens by pressing L1+O or via the shortcut wheel. It is really important to note that there is no button to take a photo of an object manually. As soon as the player is looking through the lens of the Kurious Kamera, it is going to target the object in the frame and take a photo of it automatically.

Because the players only have the chance to take 10 photos a day, they have to optimally position themselves before looking through the lens of the camera to prevent taking a picture of a different color object. There are two primary factors that can influence the color of the photos through the Kurious Kamera. Those two  primary factors are the color of the object, and the time of day. For instance, the players are able to take a picture of a Sunsettia Apple during the day and get a Pale Gold photo but may get an Ultramarine photo if the picture is taken at night.

Despite those two factors appear to play a role in the resulting color obtained in a picture, lots of players have already reported that in some instances the color obtained from photographs appears to be random. In the text below, you will be able to see some objects and locations to help you collect one of each color type to enter to Ji Tong.

  • Crimson


Probably, this is one of the easiest color types to get from the event and can also be received by taking pictures of the Windwheel Aster, Silk Flowers, Jueyun Chili, or Valberries.

  • Pale Gold

Pale Gold

It is able to be obtained by taking a picture of Sunsettias during the day or Jueyun Chilis at dusk.

  • Ocher


It is able to be obtained by taking a picture of an extinguished flaming flower during the day or of Sunsettias at dusk.

  • Purple Aster

Purple Aster

Probably, this is one of the more difficult colors to get from the event. It is able to be found by taking a picture of an extinguished flaming flower at night.

  • Ultramarine Blue

It is able to be obtained by taking pictures of the hydro slimes, ice enemies in Dragonspine. Or it is also able to be obtained by taking pictures of the flaming flower or sunsettia at night.

In addition, the players are able to trade any used photo types that they have in their inventory with friends to claim their daily Fortune Trove.

Using the Kurious Kamera in Genshin Impact

Using the Kurious Kamera in Genshin Impact

In the previous paragraph, you have known guide of finding Red Creature locations for Five Flushes of Fortune Event. Well, now we are going to explain it once again. You have to remember that to start the event you will need the Kamera which you are able to get from Ji Tong in Liyue Harbor. Please follow the camera icon on your map to get to him. After you have got the device, you have to equip it from the Gadgets menu. The important thing to know is that the camera is not like your typical snapper. It is so advanced, it just takes pictures automatically, so long as you are pointed at an item it likes. It is like it has a mind of its own. Anyway, when you are near one of the items that you have been instructed to capture, just click left-mouse button to get it out and then aim it at your target. You are going to know if it’s worked as you will get a new items added to your inventory called something like Crimson.

If you are really proud to be an owner of a brand new Genshin Impact Kamera, you are lucky. That is not only as you have got some fancy tech to help you capture the beautiful open world of Teyvat. Also, you have got a guide right here to help you use it in the new Genshin Impact Five Flushes of Fortune event.

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