Genshin Impact Mysterious Statue

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In Genshin Impact, you need to complete the challenges series named Luhua Landscape Quest. This quest offers three great challenges that will lead you to obtain some amazing rewards. Of course, by completing all of them, you will easily claim the rewards and can be a parameter that you successfully complete the quest.

One of the Luhua Landscape Quests that you should complete is to restore the Mysterious Statue. Before you are able to restore the Mysterious Statue, you will be allowed to do some tasks. So, let’s see how to restore the Mysterious Statue on our post below!

How to Restore the Mysterious Statue in Genshin Impact?

In order to restore the Mysterious Statue, make sure that you already have the two Strange Rocks on your hand. Well, the Strange Rocks here can be found around the Luhua Pool. It does not need some complicated way to find the Strange Rocks as you can easily find them around the Luhua Pool.

With the two Strange Rocks in your hands, you can then insert them inside the helms of the two statues. To do it, you should climb atop the giant warrior statues themselves. By inserting the Strange Rocks to the statues, it will allow you to activate the central monument of the ruins at Luhua Pool.

How to Restore the Mysterious Statue in Genshin Impact

Well, to restore the Mysterious Statue, you have to use a Geo skill like Noelle that you can obtain from a Wish microtransaction. Alternatively, you can also have to Traveler Swap to Geo-based skills through interacting with a Statue of the Seven in Liyue. By doing this, it will open up the doors into the ruins.

Surprisingly! Inside the ruins you will confront the three abyss bosses including Cryo Mage, Pyro Mage and Hydro Mage. Here, you should beat them out with 90 seconds. After defeating them, you can then head inside the ruins to loot your rewards from the three chests.

 After they've been defeated, the gateway into the ruins will open.

The chests may contain different items including Primogems, artifacts as well as the scoring items like Experience Point and Hero’s Wit. For a clue, the chest in the middle really has goodies, maybe it could be a Hero’s Wit, or also artifacts.

The Luhua Landscape quets is totally done once you have looted the temple and return back to Vermeer near the Luhua Pool Ruins. You can then speak to him to unlock an achievement and obtain five Primogems. However, you can use Primogems for Wishes or alternatively spend them to buy the Genshin Impact  Fates.

Well, those are all ways that you can do to restore the Mysterious Statue to complete the Luhua Landscape quest.

How to Get the Strange Rock?

As we’ve mentioned above, to restore the Mysterious Statues, the only thing that you need is to have two Strange Rocks. You totally cannot restore the statue if you have no two Strange Rocks. It means that you should find them before. So, do you already know how to get the Strange Rock? Let’s see the steps below!

  • Firstly, make sure that you already find the two Vermeer’s Paintbrushes as a way to help him.
  • After you find the paintbrushes, bring them to Vermeer.
  • Then, he will give you one Stranger Rock. Well, another one should be found around Luhua Pool.
  • There’s a clue that another Strange Rock can be found near the Luhua Pool, but it’s still hard as the Pool is slightly wide to explore.
  • In order to find another Stranger Rock, you should roam around the Luhua Pool to investigate the rock.
  • Then, you should head a bit north to the lake and start looking for the rock which will radiate the same sparkle as the materials earlier.
  • In this way, you can also look for around three areas within the lake area but it is almost always the third one with the strange rock.
  • For a clue, another Strange Rock can be found around the south side of Luhua Pool near the rocky outcroppings.

That’s it! In the way of finding another Strange Rock,  you don’t take much effort in completing this quest as the rock can be found easily around the Luhua Pool, do you?

We guess, the only possible hardship that you may get in finding another strange rock is to maneuver around the enemies. However, after getting over this part, everything will be fine as it’s your choice whether you will clear out the enemies or ignore them to quickly return back to Vermeer.

How to Find the Vermeer’s Paintbrushes?

Moreover, one of requirements that you should do before finding the Strange Rocks is to find the Vermeer’s Paintbrushes. Here’s how to find the Vermeer’s Paintbrushes as one of the Luhua Landscape quotes!

There are two Vermeer’s paintbrushes which are missing near the Luhua Pool. The location of two Vermeer’s paintbrushes is exactly different. Of course, you should find them one-by-one by exploring the Luhua Landscape.

The first paintbrush can be found on the western side of Luhua Pool, located on a cliff which is not too far away from the wrap stone. You need to walk there but we recommend you to fast travel in order to reach the location quicker to reach the location. Then, you should focus on the glowing yellow item lying on the ground next to the tree trunk. Well, that’s the first Vermeer’s paintbrush

The second paintbrush can be found on the eastern shore adjacent to the nearby ruins. However, the location of the second paintbrush is the opposite of the first Vermeer’s paintbrush location. To get there, you should walk away from the ruins and turn westward to spot the brush glowing on the ground near the broken bridge. That’s the second Vermeer’s paintbrush.

Once  you successfully found the two Vermeer’s paintbrushes, you need to return back and bring them to Vermeer. Then, he will give you a Strange Rock.

We think that you will need a walkthrough of the Luhua Landscape quest to ease you into completing this quest. Here they are:

  1. Speak to Vermeer near Luhua Pool
  2. Help him to find the missingpaintbrushesthat he use to paint near Luhua Pool
  3. Bring back the paintbrushes to Vermeer
  4. Then, find the  two Strange Rocks.
  5. Insert the two Strange Rocks by climbing up the 2 large statues.
  6. Use a Geo character to  defeat enemies within the time limit
  7. Open the chest in the ruins to claim the rewards.
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