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Aside from daily login, miHoYo finally grants the rewards to the players in daily check-in. However, the daily check-in here is not done in-game, but it drives traffic toward the miHoYo community named ‘HoYoLAB’. Once you login to HoYoLAB every day, the daily check-in rewards will be yours. That’s fantastic, isn’t it?

Well, it’s quite standard for most games which kindly grant the rewards for what the players contribute to keep the game still warm. Then, how to get miHoYo Lab daily check-in rewards? If you’re interested in participating in this event, make sure that you really know the rules in order to ease you getting the rewards.

Let’s find out more information about miHoYo Lab Daily check-in below!

About miHoYo Lab Check-In Event1

About miHoYo Lab Check-In Event

The check-in event is a new feature which has been added to the community. This feature is the version 1.6 of the HoYoLAB community. To claim the primogems and other in-game rewards, you should log in each day to the HoYoLAB community and click on Check in option.

The HoYoLAB check-in event can only work for Mobile and PC users. Before you go on participating in this event, you will firstly get an email which confirms that you’re able to participate in HoYoLAB event. Well, if you already get a confirmation email, it means that you can finally claim the rewards.

You can only check in once every day. The check-in amounts will be accumulated in a month to claim the corresponding rewards. The check-in progress and also the rewards are refreshed on the first of each month at 00:00. Then, the previous month’s check-in is not counted toward the next month.

Moreover, once you log into your miHoYo Account and then check-in, all characters which are created under your account will accept the rewards through in-game mail which are valid for 30 days. To get the rewards, you should ensure to claim the rewards in time as there may be a delay in the delivery rewards especially during server maintenance.

To note, HoYoLAB reserves the right to final explanation and interpretation of the rules above to the extent permissible by law.

How to Take the HoYoLAB Check-In Event?

To take the HoYoLAB event, you should visit the site first that you can access here. Once you get there, you have to find a calendar icon which is located to the right of the page. However, you need to login to HoYoLAb community first. Enter your email and password to continue accessing the HoYoLAB community.

Then, click on the ‘Check-in’ button. By clicking on the ‘Check-in’ button, it will direct you to the rewards screen shown below.

How to Take the HoYoLAB Check-In Event

The rewards screen will show and you can then click on the ‘Check-in’ button. After clicking on it, the rewards will be sent through your in-game mail. Make sure to log in to the HoYoLAB community every day in a row to continually claim the rewards.

That’s it! You will now get the rewards that will be sent to your email.

Rewards You’ll Get

As promised miHoYo, anyone who takes part in this event will be rewarded with some amazing items. Here are the rewards that you will get after logging in HoYOLAB Community:

    • Adventurer’s XP
    • Hero’s Wit
    • Fine Enhancement Ore
    • Fowl, Meat, Eggs, Fish
    • Mora
    • Primogems

Considering the rewards that you will get each day is different, this post also show the list of rewards that you will get every day, here are they:

Day 1 Adventurer’s XP x3 Day 16 Ore x5
Day 2 Ore x3 Day 17 Adventurer’s XP x3
Day 3 Adventurer’s XP x2 Day 18 Eggs x3
Day 4 Fowl x3 Day 19 Mora x5000
Day 5 Mora x5000 Day 20 Mora x8000
Day 6 Mora x8000 Day 21 Primogems x20
Day 7 Primogems x20 Day 22 Hero’s Wit x5
Day 8 Adventurer’s XP x8 Day 23 Ora x5
Day 9 Ore x3 Day 24 Fish x3
Day 10 Adventurer’s XP x3 Day 25 Adventurer’s XP x3
Day 11 Meat x3 Day 26 Mora x5000
Day 12 Mora x5000 Day 27 Mora x8000
Day 13 Mora x8000 Day 28 Hero’s Wit x5
Day 14 Primogems x20 Day 29 Mora x5000
Day 15 Adventurer’s XP x5 Day 30 Mora x5000
Day 31 Mora x5000

To note, the rewards will be given to you every day (UTC +8) and it’s available for this month (March) only.

Shortcoming of HoYoLAB Check-in Event

Even though miHoYo kindly grants the amazing rewards for the players who take this event, in fact it still has the shortcoming which makes  it commented on by many Genshin Impact players. Then, what’s the problem?

Well, a lot of Genshin Impact players comment for the rewards. Some of them said that the rewards are very terrible, meaning it’s not suitable with players’ expectations. The rewards awarded are practically nothing as each day just gives a few rewards.

You will also get only a single pull for the entire month of checking in. Then, the first time you log in, you will get 100 more primogems. Despite anyone really knowing that the event is free, many players compare with most other games that give a lot more items in log-in events like this.

The check-in event commonly gives you some sort of big bonus if you hit everyday and make it to the end. However, the HoYoLAB check-in event seems to be anything like that as you can see the last day of this event just gives you 5000 Mora.

That’s why Genshin Impact fans are totally disappointed with the rewards that miHoYo give to them. We think that most Genshin Impact players will expect more for the kind of check-in system which has been asking for since launch.

Although many players are aware that Genshin Impact does not hurt for money but they are not sure why some of those login rewards are the things that you will get from easily in the game. We think if too many players report to complain about this event, miHoYo will respond quickly. So, keep giving appropriate advice to them!

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