Genshin Impact KFC Collab

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Recently, leaks have already appeared online for a Genshin Impact collaboration with KFC. Genshin Twitter is much on fire for details right now. Well, we are going to inform you some information about what we know so far.


Genshin Impact update version 1.3 has been available for a while. Fans should know that the Lantern Rite event is scheduled to end on February 28th with the Xiao market remaining open until March 7th. But, away from in-game activities, a forthcoming KFC event in China has been leaked. Here you are going to find the leaked release date and skins for the Genshin Impact KFC collaboration.

Genshin Impact KFC Collab

Aside from the leaked collaboration, there is plenty to enjoy within the game of Genshin Impact such as the newly released Weapon Event Wish to compliment your Liyue characters. This Weapon Event Wish includes the Lithic Blade, Staff of Homa, and Lithic Spear. These are the weapons that you might want to get. While there is the Weapon Event Wish as well as the possible imminent arrival of Hu Tao character to anticipate, in the text below you are going to find the release date and skins for the leaked Genshin Impact KFC collaboration event.

Genshin Impact KFC Event Release Date

Need to know that the release date for the leaked Genshin Impact KFC event is March 8th. Neither the release date or actual event are confirmed by developer of the game, miHoYo. However, the Genshin Impact and KFC collaboration will reportedly occur next month with the skins on offer. The collaboration may seem odd, but the KFC fast food icon has gotten into the bed with the video games industry before.

There is a dating simulator with the Colonel which is available to enjoy. Of course,  there is also the KFC console that is hard to believe. This console will not cook your chicken, but it will keep the chicken warm while somehow trying to stop the console’s inside compartments being ruined by grease and crumbs.

Genshin Impact KFC Skins

The Genshin Impact KFC collaboration involves the skins. Featuring Diluc and Noelle characters, the leaked Genshin Impact x KFC collaboration banner will give the skins for buying a Diluc chicken bucket set meal. Again, we say that the collaboration seems odd on paper, but it will not be the strangest thing the Colonel has done within the video games industry. Unfortunately, it seems as though it can be restricted to China only. It means that the skins will not be available elsewhere.

Genshin Impact KFC skins spotted only in China.

Since the game launched back in September last year, this Genshin Impact game has turned into one of the most trending free-to-play titles in the world. The game’s vast open-world map offers many activities, challenges, and quests for the players, allowing them to team up with friends and play together. During the short time since its launch, the game of Genshin Impact has caught the attention of several big companies around the world as sponsors. The newest one, which is yet to be announced officially is a Genshin Impact KFC collaboration which has been spotted recently in China.

Thanks to Zaniet on Twitter and PrimusDep on Reddit, now we have our first look at the skins coming to Genshin Impact, thanks to a yet to be announced collaboration with KFC. As explained by Zaniet, the Genshin Impact KFC crossover is going to offer KFC Diluc Bucket and Wing skin for a limited time. You are able to check out the male and female version of the skin. Based on the banner, the crossover is going to go live on March 8. It means that we are still waiting a few weeks away from the event and maybe the official announcement of the collaboration.

If you are playing the game of Genshin Impact regularly, you have to ensure to follow our guides and tips for the game because the world of Teyvat has a lot to discover. Also, the Genshin Impact universe has yet to be completed by the developers. The game of Genshin Impact is set to get new content every six weeks and is supposed to feature seven major regions. According to the development team, maybe it will take some years to finish the Genshin Impact project.

The reaction of Fans to Diluc and Noelle in the Genshin Impact X KFC China collaboration

We get information that Genshin Impact has partnered with KFC China to bring the exclusive skins for wind gliders and limited edition Diluc-themed chicken buckets in China. KFC’s new promotional banners include Noelle and Diluc in a chef and maid outfit. The banners have already gone viral in the community of Genshin Impact. Even though the collaboration is limited to China, fans all around the world are talking about this collaboration.

The news went viral after images of KFC & Genshin Impact’s collaboration surfaced on the Twitter and Reddit communities. Diluc’s character can be seen in a red and black-themed chef outfit in the banner. Noelle’s character looks like her charming self and is wearing a maid outfit. The players who purchase Genshin Impact’s Diluc themed KFC chicken bucket will be able to get a red and black-themed wind glider in the game.

The reason of choosing KFC

As a brand, KFC has been attempting to appeal to the consumers in the gaming space for a while and also has been getting inventive. Coming up with a dating simulator which allows you to date the Colonel and the KFC Console.

Also, there is the fact that KFC is the largest restaurant chain in China. This restaurant chain was actually one of the very first western restaurants to open in the market in the 1980s, changing the branding and offerings into something that would appeal to Chinese audiences with a western twist. In short, KFC has always been ahead of the curve in the Chinese market, so embracing a big hit game like Genshin Impact is a perfect fit for their brand.

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