Genshin Impact Illumiscreen 2 Bug Guide

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The Illumiscreen 2 is a Lantern Rite Tale Quest in Genshin Impact. Well, in this page, we are going to share some information related to the Quest including the Illumiscreen 2 Bug. Keep on reading and make sure you do not miss any information.

The Illumiscreen 2 Quest Bug

  • Treasure bug has been fixed

Although we found an announcement in Japanese Twitter, they have resolved the issue already. There is in-game announcement. Do not forget to claim 60 primogem (compensation).

Treasure bug has been fixed

  • Bug that was fixed

A recent twitter announcement mentioned that this there was a problem relating to Minlin Treasure chest trigger.

  • Possible way to fix the bug

If you start GenshinImpact.exe directly from installation directory, so you may miss the possible fix given by Mihoyo. Now, you have to ensure to go Program Files directory – Genshin Impact directory – launcher.exe and then check if there is a patch to be applied.

  • There might be another bug with Mt. Aozang chest

As we discovered that more than one of our readers experience this Mt. Aozang chest problem, we will try to report the problem to Mihoyo as well. Hoping for the problem will be fixed. Just stay tune to know updates about the bug. There might be a bug with Mt. Aozang chest where the quest does not progress, even after opening the chest. If you found the same problem, you are able to report this to Mihoyo.

The Illumiscreen 2 Quest Release Date

  • Part of Lantern Rite Tales

The Illumiscreen 2 is a part of Lantern Rite Tales. This is a limited quest which can only be done during the duration of the event. So, you have to ensure to finish this quest as soon as possible.

  • Part 1 of Illumiscreen Series

There is a first part of this Illumiscreen quest available during the Lantern Rite. You are able to check other article on our site for more details.

The Illumiscreen 2 Quest Walkthrough


  1. Talk to Brother Qian at night (21:00 – 05:00)
  2. Rotate the lanterns to create a Mora Icon
  3. Talk to Brother Qian again
  4. Head to the treasure locations
  5. Go back to Liyue Harbor and talk to Brother Qian
  • Talk to Brother Qian at Night

This quest is not based on the real time, but on the in-game time instead. If it is too early in the game, you are able to use the skip time function from your menu to speed up time.

  • Rotate the Lanterns to make a Mora icon

You have to make a Mora icon for completing the Puzzle. The lanterns are a 3-part puzzle which you can only complete by making a Mora symbol or icon on the Illumiscreen.

Guili Plains Treasure Chest

To get to the chest in Guili Plains, first you have to search for 3 treasure seelies around the area. After following and unlocking 3 treasures, a upwind is going to be summoned. Ride it to get to the treasure chest. You will need to burn the thorns to set the Seelie free.

  • A Location to Dig

Please dig in the area in front of a structure to be able to spawn a chest. Then, you have to open the chest for completing the treasure hunting for Minlin area.

  • Mt. Aozang Treasure Chest

Go to the quest location to find a challenge. Starting the challenge can summon an upwind. Ride that upwind and craft 15 barrels explode within a set amount of time to accomplish.

Some things you need to know about Illumiscreen 2

Day 1 quests and the Illumiscreen II bug

Two of the mini-quests do not have any issues, so you are able to get these completed quickly.

Where the Light Wanes

Since you finished “Wangshu Once Again,” you might want to do this mini-quest. You have to talk to Smiley Yangxiao and Verr Goldet in Wangshu Inn. Then, you will head to the forest outside to play hide-and-seek with the ghost child. You will be done with this part after placing the Xiao Lantern on the tree.

Promises Remembered as Lanterns Rise

Speak to the guard. He will tell you to look for three Xiao Lanterns all over Genshin Impact‘s Liyue region. These are all marked on the map, so you should not have any worries. Return to the guard when you are done.

The Illumiscreen II – Rotating the lanterns

Like the previous Illumiscreen task, The Illumiscreen II will ask you rotating the lanterns until you complete an image of Mora. Please rotate the middle lantern first until you see the Mora symbol. Next, rotate the right lantern until it’s aligned. Eventually, rotate the left lantern until the image is complete. When you check the image, the three treasure chest locations are going to be marked on the Genshin Impact‘s map.

One location has a challenge with a 20-second timer. You have to use the wind current to reach a floating platform. Afterwards, quickly shoot an exploding barrel with your bow. This can destroy all the other barrels, completing the challenge and unlocking the chest.

Another location has a chest that surrounded by a wind barrier. You will be able to search for the three Seelies floating around:

  • The first Seelie is surrounded by thorny bushes. Please burn these with Pyro.
  • The second Seelie is across a body of water.
  • The third Seelie is close to the bridge.

After the Seelies have reached the pedestals, you are able to ride the wind current to open the chest. Also, additional chests will spawn. As for the last location, sadly, it is bugged. This area has some mobs: mitachurls, hilichurls, and an abyss mage.

The Illumiscreen 2 cannot be completed for while. But, you do not worry as miHoYo is already aware of the problem. The bug has been fixed. Then, you will be able to finish The Illumiscreen II mini-quest right now.

The Illumiscreen 2 Quest Rewards

After you complete the quest, then you are able to get some rewards:

  • 30 Primogem
  • 20000 Mora
  • 100 Festive Fever.
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