Genshin Impact Heart Island Chest Not Spawning (Did Not Appear)

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You may be in the way of exploring the Heart Island to get the chests. After on the island, you will be able to gather some chests which contain  any amazing items. Of course, there is a luxurious chest that you can unlock by inviting a friend to join.

Even though you are already on the island and invite a friend, but the chest is not spawning either. We guess that you will be a little confused when confronting this problem. Don’t worry! A player who gets this problem is not only you, however, there are many other players who face the same problems without knowing what they should do.

Thankfully, this post will share with you some possible causes why the chests in Heart Island do not spawn. Let’s see our little research below!

Genshin Impact Heart Island Chest Not Spawning

Possible Causes Why Heart Island Chest Not Spawning

You probably decide to visit the Heart Island as it offers you some chests containing any amazing items within, don’t you? As hard as your efforts to reach this island will be paid off with the opening of luxurious chests, containing some amazing rewards too. One of the amazing items that you can get from the Heart Island chests is Anemoculus.

In Genshin Impact, Anemoculus is a substance infused with an Anemo element that can help you to level up the Anemo Statues of the Seven found across the Mondstadt region. At least, there are exactly 65 Anemoculus that you can find in Mondstadt, but you will only need 65 Anemoculus to complete the level progression of the Mondstadt Statues of the Seven.

Then, why are the Luxurious chests on Heart Island not spawning?  We think there are some possible causes why the chests won’t open. We list them for you below!

  • The Luxurious Chest can be open if you and your friend are standing inside the heart, the chest won’t be open as you may not be inside of the heart.
  • You and your friend probably do not stand at the wing of the heart. To spawn the Luxurious chest, you and your friend should be in each wing of the heart.
  • You may fail in inviting a friend to join as you know to spawn the chests, the only one way that you should do is to invite a friend to join your game.
  • The two players do not change the characters. Well, in order to spawn the Luxurious chests, you and your friend can also change your character if the chests won’t spawn for a longer time.
  • Too many bugs when you are waiting for the chests to spawn.
  • Bad internet connection probably can be a cause. So, you can check your internet connection to get the solution.
  • Sometimes, the Luxurious chests will spawn when you leave the game. For the great solution, you can try to leave the game for a while and login back to the game and see whether there’s a Luxurious chest spawn in heart shape or not. If the Luxurious chest finally spawns there, it’s a great solution at all.

Well, those are some possible causes that we got from our little research. Perhaps, there will be another cause which makes the Luxurious chests not spawning on the Heart Island.

How to Get the Heart Island Faster?

You may already know how to find the Heart Island to unlock the Luxurious chests within. However, you probably will need a way to get the Heart Island faster. Of course, there are some ways that you can find the island faster. One of them is by using the clover fan near Geo Hypostasis.

To get it, you can easily access the island by throwing a wind or anemo attack to the 4 leaf clover fan on the left of the elite boss Geo Hypostasis. This will summon an upcurrent which will send you flying up. Well, by flying up from there, you can quickly head to the Heart Island in front of you.

The best character that you can use to reach the Heart Island is Ice-based like Kaeya. Why should you use Kaeya? That’s because he will be available for anyone that can ease you to invite your friend and make the process a bit smoother. By choosing Kaeya, you also have to use his elemental skill named ‘Frostgnaw’ near the water to freeze it. His elemental skill can create an ice platform to step on. Keep working it to walk across the ocean until you get to the small island off the Shoal visible on the map.

Where to Find the Heart Island?

The only way that you have to do in order to find where the Heart Island is located is to go back to the beach where the chests firstly spawned at the beginning of the game. You actually can find this beach near Starfell Lake. After you reach the lake, you should see to the east to find an island far off in the distance.

Well, this is an island where you will really desire to travel to, but it’s too far away to swim. Besides, there’s no nearby place tall enough allowing you to glide there either. It means that you will be forced to get a little creative.

One of the realistic ways to get the Heart Island is to use a character with a Cryo element. However, that’s the easiest and most effective way that you can choose to get the location. Then, you should stand on the shore and use Kaeya’s elemental skill to freeze the water ahead of them.

Once you get the Heart Island, you have to collect Anemoculus and also several common chests there. At least, there’s one Luxurious chest that will be locked whatever you do. Well, the only one way to unlock the chest is to invite a friend to join the game. Aside from the Luxurious chest, there is also a rare item that you can find on the island then donate it to Statues of the Seven.

To note: The chest in Heart Island  does not respawn and can only be received once.

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