Genshin Impact Beginner Tips: How to Become Stronger and Faster

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Genshin Impact successfully became a hype video game in early October 2020 after Among US games in August, 2020. This game is actually possible to become one of the hottest games from China developers after a long time. miHoYo as the Genshim Impact developer successfully earned more than 20 million players to pre-register.

According to App Annie, Genshin Impact has got 17 million downloads after four days of release on Google PlayStore & Apple Store. However, this doesn’t include for the rate of download on PC and PS$. That’s such a fantastic phenomena, isn’t it?

Beginner Tips How to Become Stronger and Faster

As we know that Genshin Impact is an open-world video game (nonlinear plot) with gacha system, meaning as the free-to-play game. The important thing here is in which the players will have a chance to do a lottery to win any bonuses such as the premium characters within the game.

Of course, becoming a pro player of Genshin Impact is such an everyone’s desire. Unfortunately, for a beginner, it seems to be hard to reach it, considering there are a lot of obstacles that they should go through within the game.

Don’t worry! This post will guide the beginner/ newcomers of Genshin impact on how to become strong players faster in Genshin Impact. So, let’s see the worth tips and tricks for beginners below!

  1. Don’t save your character leveling materials

In playing the Genshin Impact game, the leveling system of this game is quite unique. Unlike in other RPG games, killing many monsters will get a lot of Experience Point (EXP), but that’s totally different from Genshin Impact. In this game, killing the monster only gets a few EXP.

Moreover, the notes and the book such as Wanderer’s Advice that you can get from the chest is better to use directly. To note, in using the EXP item and sharing them to your each character, please don’t do it too extravagantly.

However, this action has become one of the beginner mistakes when it was the first time playing genshin impact. Well, the wiser way here is to choose the character you love and use these EXP items as enough as possible. You will also need the party filled by the higher level characters to explore the map.

It just doesn’t make sense if you have reached level 20 even though you just got an hour playing. However, it’s indeed an expectation in this video game in which the only thing the player needs is to explore the first region. Read more tips in the next section!

  1. Do you want to be strong? Invest in Artifacts!

Having some high level character in the game is such a little thing that you should notice to explore Teyvat. If you really need too many hints to kill one monster, it means that your Artifact is still pretty weak. To get around this, the Artifact investment right will feel completely different, from what used to take 10 hits to kill a monster suddenly only takes 3 hits.

You may already know that Artifact is a Genshin Impact accessory or Armor to increase a character’s status. Of course, you cannot get the Artifact from gacha. You can only obtain Artifact from clearing the dungeon, opening the chest and completing any quests. The artifact properly works to give the biggest increase for your  damage.

As recommended by SPIN Esports: Choose a main character and increase its attack rating. Here, the feather accessories can be the major booster for your character’s attack. So, if you don’t focus on looking for feather 4-stars or enhance feather 3-stars feather with other artifacts.

Invest in Artifacts

Every time you level up, the artifact will increase your character’s status significantly. As you know, artifact is a rare item that you cannot buy in the shop or gacha. So to save your artifact, you just need to choose whether you will divide Artifact into each character equally or focus on having Artifact for 1 or 2 characters at the beginning of the game.

In this case, we absolutely recommend you to develop your Artifacts for two characters that you really love at the beginning of the game. If your character desirely have the strong hit or the weak elemental skill, you should notice the characters who use Artifact and make sure to enhance the Artifact several times. When you successfully focus on developing certain Artifacts, you will feel like you control a much stronger team.

  1. Notice to Elemental Resonance in your team composition

Unlike many RPG games in which the characters with different elemental will be needed in the game, it seems to be different from Genshin Impact. In this game, there is an Elemental Resonance concept which is a bonus received by your party if there are two characters with the same elemental in your team.

For example, having two characters with a wind element will give you the biggest increase of your stamina, so that ease you to explore. Then, by having two characters with a fire element will increase your damage attack as much as 25%.

  1. Get 2 of these 4-Star Artifacts

Once you have reached cathedral Mondstat, you will be required to complete a quest. To take the quest, you just simply go there and look for the nun named Victoria. Every time you talk to her, there will be the treasure chest icon that will give you the reward. Here, Victoria is going to grant you the significant 4-stars Artifact if you enhance continuously. However, that’s  easy Artifacts to get, so please don’t miss them at all.

Afterwards, there will be again at Dadaupa Gorge. There is a quest that will ask you to eliminate 3 opponents’ camp and turn on 3 torches: fire (pyro), ice (cryo) and lightning (electro). All the elements that you will have.

Once you successfully completed the quests, the reward that you will get is the 4-stars feather Artifact. However, it will give you an increase of very large attacks. If you get a hard way to complete the quest, you can watch a tutorial video here.

These are the Genshin Impact beginner tips that you must understand when playing the Genshin Impact game. If you take the tips and tricks above, we guarantee that the character of your team will be much stronger after doing the tips above.

Hello guys, I am a RPG gamer. I like play Genshin Impact because it has perfect graphics and long walkthrough with full of challenges (quest). So I write anything about Genshin Impact here to share you.
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