Genshin Impact Android Controller Support 1.3

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Genshin Impact recently updates for a ton of new content within the game. One of the new updates which has been announced by miHoYo is update 1.3 which brings plenty of features including some long overdue ones like controller support. miHoYo finally announced to release the Controller Support in the 1.3 update.

To know more about the Genshin Impact 1.3 update, let’s see our post below!

Reason Why Controller Support Is Finally Available

The Controller Support feature which will be finally released to the game begins from most Genshin Impact players either Android users or iOS users who frequently play the game without using the controller. However, that’s a common situation done by most gamers, not only Genshin Impact players.

Genshin Impact Android Controller Support 1.3

However, it’s not for them to buy controllers from third parties to be comfortable playing the game. They will buy the parts starting from the usual plug-in, to the controller from the console with the converter. Somehow, this phenomenon is very common but there’s also the possibility that the game developers will ban the accounts.

Of course, there are plenty of reasons why it’s not fair, one of them is the injustice between the players. Well, miHoYo is one of the game developers who do this. But, the players’ complaint makes them finally going to release the controller support to the game in the future.

miHoYo through the Developers Discussion, revealed that they will add the Controller Support to the game for the 1.3 update version. But, not all controllers they support, just a few of consoles will support like PlayStation DualShock 4, Controller Bluetooth for iOS and Xbox/ Elite Wireless both series 1 and 2. It means that the Controller Support for Android will be coming soon.

In other words, the players who choose to use a controller apart from what we mentioned above will be potentially subject to punishment. They also emphasize for an additional explanation that the controller for iOS can be used by players who have upgraded to iOS 14 or higher.

Not only that, pre-loads which were previously only available on PC and PS4 are going to be available on mobile when update 1.3 is ready to be released. While waiting for the 1.3 Genshin Impact update, you can prepare your device’s space or prepare your internet network in order to download it smoothly and fast.

Will the Controller Support Be Available on Android?

It’s very sorry, in the Developers Discussion, miHoyo did not mention that the Controller Support will be available on Android. They only announced that the Controller Support will be released for PlayStation DualShock 4, Controller Bluetooth for iOS and Xbox/ Elite Wireless both series 1 and 2.

Through the discussion here, we can conclude that the Controller Support will not be released for Android, meaning it is going to be released on Android in the future, not in the Genshin Impact 1.3 update. Instead, you can still use the controller on Android if you use the third-party app. This app really allows you to play Genshin Impact games on Android using a controller.

The app that can give you a controller to play the game is Octopus. This app is actually available in the Google Play Store. The good news is the app free to use. It will configure the on-screen buttons to the controller’s button that allow you to use it freely.

If you want to use the controller on Android, you firstly have to download the Octopus app here.  Then, you need to install it on your Android and launch it and then connect the controller through it.

Afterwards, you need to launch the Genshin Impact game through Octopus app and you will then see two eyes popping out from the top of the screen. Click on the logo and ‘+’ button to open a screen showing the controller button. Put your left and right analog pad. That’s it! You successfully use the Octopus app to connect the controller.

We hope that miHoYo will quickly release the Controller Support feature for Android to make the players cozier playing the Genshin Impact game.

About Controller Support Feature

The Controller Support feature is a much-requested feature since the arrival of the Genshin Impact game. With only dubious third-party software, it makes the controller support available up until now. Of course, this circumstance makes most Genshin Impact players use the third-party controller to play the game.

Historically, the Genshin Impact game has only relied on the touchscreen controls on mobile. While for Android, it was not directly mentioned in the notice from miHoYo, as Genshin Impact developer. There are some specific things about the controller support on iOS.

One of them is that the players are allowed to be on iOS 14 or higher. The PlayStation 5’s DualSence controller will not yet be supported. Then, the partial support for iOS-specific Bluetooth controllers are likely supported. However, when the controller supports arrivals, you likely must have an Xbox Wireless Controller or DualShock 4 as the great way to go for now.

What’s in Update 1.3 Genshin Impact?

After showing a new story quest and banner for Ganyu, as one of 5-stars characters in Genshin Impact, miHoYo recently announced 1.3 update features. Through the 1.3 update, it will allow the player to hold down a button to increase or decrease the amount consumed whole.

Of course, most Genshin Impact players cannot wait for the arrival of the 1.3 update in which the controller support will be officially released to the game. Well, in other news, it will come as music to mobile players’ ears. The 1.3 update will be available for pre-download before the patch absolutely goes live, meaning you can get a head of the curve. Then, you can also have the new version ready to play as soon it will be available.

You can easily download the Genshin Impact game on Google Play for Android and on App Store for iOS. However, the PC version can be downloaded on the official website of miHoYo. The Genshin Impact game only takes under 17 GB on PC.

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