Fischl Build Guide

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Some people believe that Fischl is best used as a support fighter with her ability to deal constant Electro damage and the other members better suited to the DPS role as they can deal with most of the fighting. However, when you think about her access to a few AoE attacks, and the fact that she is good at aiming her shots precisely, she also can be equipped for both crowd control and taking on hard bosses. It does not matter whether you see her as a support or a DPS party member, these following builds will help you to get the best out of her.


If you want to make her a support, you can get The Stringless as the weapon. This one brings out her Electro power and it is also the best option for Support play. Both the Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst DMG will be increased by 24/30/36/42/48 %, so you are recommended to full upgrade it so that the entire party can get Electro power.

As for the artifacts, there are two that you might want to get. The first one is called Thundering Fury. If you use two parts, the Electro damage will be increased by 15%. If four parts are used, the cooldown of Nightrider will be decreased by 1 second for every use in the battle. Another effect is that all damage that is caused by Overloaded, Superconduct, and Electro Charged elemental combinations will be increased by 40%.

Instructor is the second one. You can use two parts if you want to increase Elemental Mastery by 80% and if you want to increase Elemental Mastery for all party members by 120% for 8 seconds, please use the four parts instead.


If you are planning to set Fischl as a DPS party member, it is better for you to get Compound Bow as the weapon. It is true that you will not be provided with all around Electro help by The Stringless by this one, but it can turn Fischl into an excellent archer that everyone does not want to mess with. With this weapon, the damage can be increased by the Normal Attack and Aimed Shots hits by 4%, and the speed is increased 1.2% for 6 seconds. The max 4 stacks and there is also a 0.3 second cooldown.

You have two artifacts to choose from for Fischl as a DPS. The first one is known as Gladiator’s Finale. The Attack of Fisch can be increased by 18% if you use 2 parts and if the 4 parts is used, then the Polearm, Sword, or Claymore fighters will be boosted. Keep in mind that for this part, there is no boost to the bow of Fischl. The second one is Berseker. You can use 2 parts if you want to increase the Critical rate of Fischl by 12%. As for the 4 parts, it can increase the Critical rate of Fisch by an extra 24% when her HP is under 70%.

For a DPS build, you are suggested to have 2 parts of Gladiator’s Finale and 2 parts of Berserker so that you can get the Attack and Critical combo. It is a must especially when the 4-part boost of the Gladiator’s Finale is not that helpful for Fischl.

Fischl Build Guide

About Fischl

The character named Fischl is a DPS fighter. She is blessed with serious Electro power. However, as the one that holds a bow, it is needed for her to pick her position carefully. Apparently, her normal attack deals non elemental damage, but charging her shot does really wonder at dealing Electro and she is also good at aiming at certain weak spots as well.

Fischl details:

  • Full Name: Fischl von Luftschloos Narfidort Amy
  • Titles: Prinzession der Verurteilung, Sovereign of Immernachtr eich, Ruler of the Ashen Darkness
  • Rarity: 4-star
  • Weapon: Bow
  • Element: Electro
  • Sex: Female
  • Birthday: May 27th
  • Constellation: Corvus
  • Nation: Mondstadt
  • Affiliation: Adventurer’s Guild
  • Special Dish: Die Heilige Sinfonie
  • Ways to Obtain: Wishes, unreconciled starts (event), Paimon’s Bargains
  • Release Date: September 28, 2020  s

The real ace of Fischl is Oz, which refers to her bird sidekick. As she causes AoE damage, no one wants the vantage point of Fischl to be too far away. In the same way, getting too close is not the main job of an archer. Finding a balance is best. While doing so, you can also combine some different kinds of abilities offered by her in order to keep Oz in play for as long as possible.

Normal Attack: Bolt of Downfall

Bolt of Downfall

  • Normal Attack:
  • Charged Attack:
  • Plunging Attack

Elemental Skill: Nightrider


Oz, which can deal Electro damage within a small AoE, is summoned by Fischl. Then, Oz will fly around to the closest opponents to attack them. You can use the same ability while Oz is still there to recall the birth to the side of Fischl.

Elemental Burst: Midnight Phantasmagoria

Midnight Phantasmagoria

Both Fischl and Oz team up to be one. Now that the player is controlling the swooping bird, the one who gets a speed increase. Anyone (opponents) that contacts Oz takes Electro damage. After the Burst is done, Oz remains in the battle in Nightrider form for 10 seconds.


  • Stellar Predators

Stellar Predators

  • Lightning Smite
  • Mein Hausgarten

Mein Hausgarten


  • Gaze of the Deep
  • Devourer of All Sins
  • Wings of Nightmare
  • Her Pilgrimage of Bleak
  • Against the Fleeting Light
  • Evernight Raven

Way to get Fischl

Fischl is included as four-star characters that is currently available in the banner that runs constantly called the Wanderlust Invocation Banner. Aside from that, it is also available in the Sparkling Steps Promotional Banner with a limited period of time.

For everyone who is dreaming to get Fischl, the best option is through the event. it is a free one. Unfortunately, the so-called event happened on November 11. However, if you are a bit confident and want to try Wishing for her, the Wanderlust Invocation Banner is your best bet. Remember that it is only recommended if there are no characters in the Sparkling Steps Banner that you are looking for.

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