Fire Slime Location Genshin Impact

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Slimes are Common Enemies that can be found all around Teyvat. Typically, they are only a threat in large numbers and they are beings of pure elemental energy. Also, slimes are immune to their own element and are able to inflict other Slimes with it as well.

Where to find Pyro Slime

Unlike the first day of the event, red plants and flowers will not work. Instead, as with day two, you are going to need finding creatures. Since you are looking for red ones, Pyro enemies are your next target. That means subjects such as Pyro Slimes, Hilichurls, and more.

Genshin Impact Pyro Slimes

They are all found to the northeast of Mondstadt among the Stormbearer mountains. Also, qualifying creatures can be found north of the plateau in northeast Nantianmen. The fiery invertebrate blobs specifically can also be snapped on the east side of Whispering Woods, near some trees on a cliffside.

As usual, you are going to know you have got the correct creature because your camera will shutter automatically. Also, you are going to get the item, Crimson. Please remember, as you are capturing images of enemies, you have to be sure to keep your distance. If enemies deal you damage while you are aiming your camera, then you are going to lose focus.

Genshin Impact Pyro Slimes

This is a small monster made by the sedimentation of Pyro dispersed throughout nature. Its intelligence is really basic, however its uses are as broad–well, for hilichurls. In-game description from the Archive, it is an elemental being made from concentrated Pyro energy. It is immune to Pyro damage, and also it is able to inflict others with Pyro, possibly causing Elemental Reactions.

Upon entering the battle, they are going to be in their ignited state. They will be affected by Pyro and also will be aggressive, displaying normal small slime behavior. They are going to first distance themselves from their target. After achieving the safe distance, they are going to move closer to hit their target by jumping at it, dealing Pyro damage and inflicting it with Pyro. After completing the attack successfully, then they are going to retreat again.

If beaten in this state it is going to explode after a short delay, dealing AOE Pyro damage. If affected by Hydro, they will not only suffer Vaporize damage, but also will be extinguished and will no longer be affected by Pyro. This will be able to cause them to withdraw. If beaten in this state, they will not explode. If left alone, an extinguished Pyro slime is going to re-ignite.

Genshin Impact Large Pyro Slimes

Genshin Impact Large Pyro Slimes

This is a monster made by the sedimentation of Pyro dispersed throughout nature. Though its intelligence has not increased with its size, it is really hot. During dry seasons, it is able to cause wildfires. It is going to spit forth blazing fireballs when angered, and also will turn dark when it is feeling down. This is a most expressive slime, which is a larger version of the Pyro Slime.

Similarly to its small version, it will only attack once ignited. While ignited it is able to attack by spewing three consecutive fireballs which have a parabolic trajectory and deal Pyro damage to its target. Also, it can attack or by jumping high up and crushing down on its target, dealing Pyro damage. If it dies while affected by Pyro, a few seconds later, it will be able to explode dealing AoE Pyro damage. If extinguished, it will be able to retreat and re-ignite after some time.

If you have a Hydro character in the party it will save you from some damage, though the extinguishing does not really bring any real benefit, as the explosion it causes upon death can easily be dodged. On the other hand, the extra damage from Vaporize is well worth it. Using Electro to make Overloaded is not very beneficial, as when the Pyro slimes are alone, the brunt of the damage produced by the reaction does not affect them. This is because most of the damage caused by Overloaded is Pyro. Using geo characters against them is a good idea as causing Crystallize will provide you with a shield against its Pyro damage. Otherwise, the Anemo Traveler can control them with the Skill Palm Vortex.

The Best places to farm Slime Condensate

Slim Condensate is a character level up material for three heroes in the game of Genshin Impact. If you are looking to level up Venti, Lisa, or Xiangling, you will need to farm many Slimes to ensure you have enough materials. Luckily, there are several convenient areas to visit if you want to collect them. There are the best places to farm Slime Condensate in Genshin Impact.

Slime Condensate is able to drop from any of the slime mobs in Teyvat. There are some places with slimes. We break it down into two sections: Mondstadt and Liyue. Since the map is large, we suggest you visit Mondstadt and then work your way down to Liyue.

  • Mondstadt

areas to farm Slime Condensate in Mondstadt.

There are some excellent areas to farm Slime Condensate in Mondstadt.

  • Liyue

areas to farm Slime Condensate in Liyue

There are also some other areas to farm Slime Condensate in Liyue.

  • Ley Lines

Aside from farming the areas above every two days, you are also able to use some other methods to collect Slime Condensate. First, you are able to complete around four Ley Lines per day without claiming the rewards. The reason you want to do this is because slime monsters can appear. They drop Slime Condensates if you were to kill them out in the world like usual.

If you really need some Slime Concentrate or Slime Excretions, also you are able to purchase them through the shop for Starglitter and Stardust. Please open up your shop and then navigate to the Paimon’s Bargains section. You will be able to buy 3 Slime Concentrate for 2 Starglitter, and a Slime Secretion for 5 Stardust. There are things to spend your Stardust and Starglitter on.

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