Fallen Star Challenge Rewards

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The third phase of the Unreconciled Stars called Fallen Star challenge has started. This last phase of the challenge focuses on the character of Fischl. The challenge started on November 23, 2020 at 4:00 AM (GMT-5) for the US time and on the same day at 3:00 AM (GMT) for EU time.

In the Fallen Star challenge, you will need to collect and deposit the Fading Star’s Essence. Upon completing everything, you will be rewarded with some precious rewards, that include:

adventure exp1Adventure EXP: Adventure EXP, which is also more known as AR EXP, is the thing that is usually used to raise the Adventure Rank of the player.

Companionship EXPCompanionship EXP: Companionship EXP is the thing that is usually used to increase the Friendship levels of the current party.

Fading Star’s EssenceFading Star’s Essence: Fading Star’s Essence is a 4-star item that can be obtained by completing the Fallen Star challenge.

After completing the Fallen Star challenge, the players would need to spend 40 Original Resin if they wanted to get the Fading Star’s Essence and the other rewards for completing the challenge. The possible rewards actually varied depending on the World Level.

Thing to Unlock Before Taking The Fallen Star challenge

Thing to unlock before taking the Fallen Star challenge

In order to unlock the third phase of Unreconciled Stars, Fallen Star challenge, you should first have completed the story quest of the event known as What the Skies Conceal, the Water Reveals story quest, which is from the Star of Destiny, or else, it will not be unlocked.

What the Skies Conceal, the Water Reveals refers to a quest in the game. It is the third and the last main story quest for the Unreconciled Stars event. For this one, you will be required to dive into the mysteries of the fatui with the help of Mona and her scrying techniques.

Completing the first and the second phase of the Unreconciled Stars event quest is a must to unlock the What the Skies Conceal, the Water Reveals quest.

The first step that you have to do in the quest is to head to Starfell Valley to meet Mona. When you are there, please talk to her. After meeting up with Mona, it is time for you to go to Qingce Village to meet and talk to the Millelith soldier named Jinglun. You will be informed by him that there are two locations located beside the village, the places where the meteorites have landed and have started to cause an effect on the village.

Upon hearing the information, you will have to follow the information to go to these two spots of meteorite. When you are there, your task is to save them and then report back to Jinglun right after that. Do not forget to ask something about those who get injured due to the meteorites and once you are done, talk to the three soldiers who are taking care of the injured people. For your information, those three soldiers include Huaqing, Yang, and Bro Huang. When talking to Bro Huang, you will be informed that Gao the Sith just woke up, and he asks you to be gentle if you want to talk to him.

As you have got permission to talk to Gao the Sixth from Bro Huang, you can interact with him and he will talk about some food. The food that Gao wants is called the Qingce Stir Fry. In case you have no idea how to make the dish, please learn about it first somewhere. Once you found out the recipe, please make some for Gao and give it to him. After being fed up, he will tell what had happened and he will also mention about a snowy mountain, which people believed to be a teaser for Dragonspine.

After getting the information from Gao, the next thing is to go back to Mona and explain all of them to her. Eventually, you will be able to see a new character from Inazuma named Scaramouche show up. It is said that he is the Sixth of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers. The moment before a battle happens, a huge meteorite passes overhead. Please follow the waypoint to the location of the meteorite and then the What the Skied Conceal, the Water Reveals quest has been done.

Way to Play The Fallen Star challenge

The main purpose of the objective of the Fallen Star challenge is to fill up the progress bar with Celestial Energy. You can obtain it by getting rid of the enemies that show up. However, you have a limited time and you are only able to carry a limited amount of Celestial Energy. You will need to go to the submission zone and tap the submit button if you want to deposit the energy and fill the progress bar.

It will take some time for you to finish the submission process and it can be interrupted by getting hit. It is possible to lose all the energy that you were carrying will be lost if you are interrupted while submitting the Celestial Energy. To avoid this kind of situation, you are suggested to defeat or restrict the movement of surrounding enemies first.

There is a co-op option if you want to play the Fallen Star challenge with friends or with random players through the online matchmaking. If you do not like this idea, you can also play this challenge solo.

During the Fallen Star challenge, you might want to use the specific characters to get a random buff, which is really useful to complete the challenge. These buffs are the Fecund Starburst and Heroic Starburst. The first one will give the character and all that are close to the Fecundity buff. The efficiency of Celestial energy submission will be increased by it. The second one will increase the ATK of the character as well as all nearby ones.

At the start of the Fallen Star challenge, everyone will be able to see one of the three Astral Anomalies showing up at random. The options include Orbital Shift, Dark Omen, and Inauspicious Star. Each of them will give you a hard time and if you want to handle everything, you should make sure to keep the Anomaly in mind when you are playing and do not forget to watch out for its effects.

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