Eye of Perception

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Eye Perception is a 4 star catalyst that you are able to obtain through Gacha. As a Genshin Impact player, you need to know the details of this catalyst so that you will know the use of it and also which character that can be good to use this catalyst.

The Story of Eye of Perception Catalyst

This catalyst is described as a dim black glaze pearl which is said to have the power to be able to reach the purity of someone’s heart. In the story, it is told that this catalyst is a beauteous item which is made from rare natural glaze. According to legend, the Eye of Perception was once upon a time clear, bright and smooth like the surface of a lake. However, it became dulled over the passage of a lot of years.

Eye of Perception cataylsts

According to folk records, on a still night, people can hear it make soft noises. Sometimes, it sounds like a mild breeze and on the other times it sounds like a flowering spring. They say that the Eye was an adeptus’ heirloom which was passed down in Liyue. And it finally found its way into the Yun family. Now one day, Yun was strolling around in the mountains. There, they accidentally meet an exorcist named Huang, who had come to consult with an adepti.

Yun talked to Huang enthusiastically and at length and gave the Eye to Huang. Huang frantically declined it and then Yun said something with a smile. The thing that Yun said is that this pearl is nature’s very quintessence. In addition Yun said that the one who can hear clearly can use it.

Huang said thanks to Yun and then Huang took the Eye and wore it on his person. Then, he slowly walked to Liyue. As the one who looked for the path of the adepti, Huang wandered the land without rest. So, he would often be at the market to be able to buy water and food.

The streets in the side harbor were a morass of humanity. However, Huang walked among them as if idle and he was never taken advantage of. Some people wondered how this bookish exorcist took to the city like a fish to water and never missed a step. When this question was asked to Huang, he answered that this Eye trembled at wickedness and helped him to see which hearts are true.

This Eye was able to reveal the hearts of humans even though no one knows how it could work so that there were a lot of people falling back on folktales to explain it. Some people say that at midnight, you are able to dimly hear it call out like a mild breeze or like spring water which flows between scattered stones.

The Ascension of The Eye of Perception Catalyst

Ascension Phase Level Mora Weapon Ascension Material Common Material 1 Common Material 2
1 20 5,000 Mist Veiled Lead Elixir x3 Mist Grass Pollen x3 Damaged Mask x2
2 40 15,000 Mist Veiled Mercury Elixir x3 Mist Grass Pollen x12 Damaged Mask x8
3 50 20,000 Mist Veiled Mercury Elixir x6 Mist Grass x6 Stained Mask x6
4 60 30,000 Mist Veiled Gold Elixir x3 Mist Grass x12 Stained Mask x9
5 70 35,000 Mist Veiled Gold Elixir x6 Mist Grass Wick x9 Ominous Mask x6
6/Max 80 45,000 Mist Veiled Primo Elixir x4 Mist Grass Wick x18 Ominous Mask x12

The Base ATK and Secondary Stat of Eye of Perception Catalyst

The rarity of this catalyst is 4 stars and the base ATK Lv 1 is 41. The secondary stat type is Base ATK and the secondary stat Lv 1 is 12%.

Passive Ranks of Eye of Perception Catalyst

The passive name of this catalyst is Echo. The effect is that normal and charged attacks will have a 50% opportunity to be able to fire a Bolt of Perception and it deals certain percent ATK as DMG. This bolt is able to bounce between enemies a maximum of 4 times. Every certain second, this effect is able to happen once. You are able to see the ATK DMG and time occur based on rank in the list below.

    • Rank 1

ATK DMG: 240%

Time Occur: 12 seconds

    • Rank 2

ATK DMG: 270%

Time Occur: 11 seconds

    • Rank 3

ATK DMG: 300%

Time Occur: 10 seconds

    • Rank 4

ATK DMG: 330%

Time Occur: 9 seconds

    • Rank 5

ATK DMG: 360%

Time Occur: 8 seconds

Eye of Perception’s Stat by Level

    • Level 20

Base ATK: 21.2%

Base ATK (Lv ==): 99

Base ATK (Lv =|>): 125

    • Level 40

Base ATK: 30.9%

Base ATK (Lv ==): 184

Base ATK (Lv =|>): 210

    • Level 50

Base ATK: 35.7%

Base ATK (Lv ==): 238

Base ATK (Lv =|>): 264

    • Level 60

Base ATK: 40.6%

Base ATK (Lv ==): 293

Base ATK (Lv =|>): 319

    • Level 70

Base ATK: 45.4%

Base ATK (Lv ==): 347

Base ATK (Lv =|>): 373

    • Level 80

Base ATK: 50.3%

Base ATK (Lv ==): 401

Base ATK (Lv =|>): 427

    • Level 90

Base ATK: 55.1%

Base ATK (Lv ==): 454

Base ATK (Lv =|>): max

Some Other Catalysts in Genshin Impact

    • Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

It is described as an educational tome which is written by anonymous early inhabitants who worshiped the wind. It can be gained through Gacha. The base ATK Lv 1 is 46. The secondary stat type is Crit rate and the secondary stat Lv 1 is 7.2%. The rarity of this catalyst is 5 stars.

    • Apprentice’s Notes

It is described as notes which are left behind by a top student. It can be gained through Chests. The rarity of this catalyst is 1 star.

    • Pocket Grimoire

It is described as a carefully compiled notebook featuring the essentials which are needed to pass a magic exam. It can be obtained through Chests and the rarity of this catalyst is 2 stars.

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