Emmory in Genshin Impact

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You may come to this page to find out any information about Emmory, may not you? You initially do not know who Emmory is, but his name is suddenly shocking to the miHoYo forum named HoYoLab. There’s a post which says that ‘Emmory is quitting’. So, what does it happen?

Well, to know more about Emmory, let’s find out a bit information about him in our post below!

Who is Emmory?

Emmory is one of Genshin Impcat YouTuber which has a channel named Emmory. His channel has more than 34.1K subscribers with a total of 109 videos which have been  uploaded. Unfortunately, there’s no more information about him, so with our apologies, we cannot inform you about Emmory’s personal information.

If you want to know about him, instead you can watch his YouTube videos that you can access his channel link at https://www.youtube.com/c/Emmory/videos. Once you access it, you will see a list of Emmory’s videos which concern the Genshin Impact game. On his videos, he commonly shows his gameplay of playing Genshin Impact games. He also often shares plenty of tips and tricks in playing Genshin Impact to his fans.

Emmory in Genshin Impact

Here are some Emmory’s YouTube videos that you can watch on his channel:

  • Practicing Genshin Impact
  • 3 Hilichurls Dance
  • Floor 12 but I use all my 5 stars
  • Klee rolls from Mondstadt to Liyue
  • Rare footage of Emmory getting angry
  • Genshin Impact Bosses except I stop holding back
  • Emmory genshin Impact Tier List 1.3
  • Floor 12 except half the characters but without Klee
  • Meet the Klee
  • How I DPS with Klee and Diluc
  • 3 Stars – Floor 11-2 – Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss1.2
  • Sucrose VS Anemo Hypostasis
  • The 5000 Attack Level 50 Noelle

Well, those are some Emmory’s videos that you can watch. You can also visit his YouTube Channel to watch more videos.

Emmory’s Serious Case

A thread from HoYoLab forum which informed me that ‘Emmory is quitting’ turns out to be referring to Emmory’s last video. He uploaded a video entitled My Last Video on March 3, 2021. His last video has been watched by more than 54K viewers since uploaded 11 hours ago.

Of course, a lot of his fans really wonder why he wants to leave his channel. Well, their curiosity has actually disappeared since the HoYoLab forum thread about the case that happened to them. Astonishingly, he is in a case of grooming minors which is similar with CallMeCarson’s case, as one of popular Fortnite YouTubers.

Some of HoYoLab members informed that he got called out for grooming minors. Even though he is not acting as a predator, nothing as simple as just not good in the public eye or bad role model. However, he straight out predator even if he was not popular enough.

Many of his fans were very worried and felt that he was losing and still did not believe that he had a case of grooming minors. They don’t want Emmory to stop uploading videos about Genshin Impact. But whatever, he has been summoned and handled by the police in this case.

Emmory faces accusations that she exchanged nude photos with underage fans when she was an adult. In addition, he was also accused of dressing up one of the minors. Unfortunately, Emmory did not respond to these claims. They didn’t realize how true the allegations were but they thought it was a very serious case for him as there were lots of tweets and posts on the forum talking about his accusations.

Know More About Grooming Minors

Grooming Minors refers to acts which are deliberately carried out with the aim of making friends and building an emotional relationship with minors in order to lower the child’s resistance to preparation for sexual activity with minors or exploitation such as minors labor.

Grooming minors can be used to lure minors into illicit business such as prostitution or the production of child pornography. In some countries, grooming has become a mode of crime for perpetrators of child sexual abuse.

According to the NSPCC, grooming minors can be defined as an attempt by a person to build a relationship of trust and also an emotional connection with a child or adolescent so that they can manipulate, abuse and even exploit them.

Anyone can be a groomer no matter what age or gender. Based on the number of events, even groomers can arise from the environment of the closest people or their own families. The grooming process can be done in a short or long time. This really depends on how a groomer carries out the action. A successful groomer will be able to build his figure to appear dignified before the victim. Of course, the types of relationships that are built are actually very diverse.

There are some measures that parents should take to prevent children from getting groomed, here are they:

    • Teaches sexual education

Parents of course need to introduce the names of their child’s body parts and also tell them which body parts other people can and shouldn’t touch. If anyone intends to open the forbidden body part forcibly or properly, tell the child to firmly refuse.

    • Minimize children’s photo updates

Don’t post photos or videos on social media about children too often. Without parents realizing that doing this habit will create its own threat to your little one. If too often, this will actually provoke groomers to do evil and glance at your little one to become their target.

    • Recognize the groomers’ movements

Not infrequently the groomers actually come from your closest environment. The point is to stay alert to the people around you. This minimizes all the things that can endanger the safety of your little one.

    • Good communication with children

Try to maintain intense communication every day with the child because this method is very useful to find out their state and feelings.

The better the communication relationship in the family, the little one will get used to telling the parents without hesitation about what he is dealing with right now. Everything will be told without being covered up. Especially if it is like a threat that could harm him.

Hello guys, I am a RPG gamer. I like play Genshin Impact because it has perfect graphics and long walkthrough with full of challenges (quest). So I write anything about Genshin Impact here to share you.
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