Electro Crystal Genshin Impact Usage

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In the world of Genshin Impact, the term Electro Crystal is used to call a power rich crystal that draws electricity from the air around it. This one is definitely useful. The usage of Electro Crystal is divided into two: craft usage and ascension usage. If you want to know the details, here is for you.

Craft usage

There are three craft usages of Electro Crystals. The first one is Insulation Potion, the second one is Shocking Essential Oil, and the third one is NRE (Menu (30). Here is the complete explanation of each of them.

  1. Shocking Essential Oil

Shocking Essential Oil

Shocking Essential Oil details:

  • Item Type: Potions
  • Rarity: 3 stars
  • Effect: The Electro DMG of all party members will be increased by 25% for 300 seconds.
  • Description: “Grants greater affinity to Electro, boosting Electro DMG. It induces a tingling sensation on the skin, able to better channel Electro elements at the risk of electrical fire that would definitely ruin your perfect hair.”

The ingredients to craft the Shocking Essential Oil are x1 Electro Crystal and x1 Frog. According to Wiki, the Frog is the kind of crafting component that is mainly used in the offensive elemental alchemy. You can find it in the wild near the location of the freshwater. There are a few variations of them and all of them are simplified into the same kind of component: Blue Frog (Springvale) and Mud Frog (Minlin?).

The crafting type to craft the Shocking Essential Oil is alchemy. Alchemy is the one method that makes it possible for you to make higher rarity tier Character and Weapon Enhancement Materials, Character Talent Materials, Potions, Weapon Ascension Materials, Character Ascension Materials, and Gadgets. To start the crafting process, you have to be at a Crafting Bench that can be found in major cities. If you want to craft higher rarity tier materials, it is a must for you to combine 3 of the same lower tier material and Mora. In addition, you are also able to make potions that will give a bonus to DMG or RES of a specific element to the whole party for 300 seconds.

  1. Insulation Potion

Insulation Potion

Insulation Potion details:

  • Item Type: Potion
  • Rarity: 3 stars
  • Effect: The Electro DMG of all party members will be increased by 25% for 300 seconds.
  • Description: “A potion that boosts Electro RES and keeps one from getting electroshocked. Induces a tingling sensation when drank. However, it’s principle is to fill the body with inversely-charged electrons to cancel out the damage from being electroshocked.”

In order to craft the Insulation Potion, x1 Butterfly Wings is needed, aside from x1 Electro Crystal. There are several variations of the butterflies that can turn into the basic butterfly wings when you catch them. Those include light blue, gold, and TBA.

Just like crafting Shocking Essential Oil, you will need to use the alchemy method to craft Insulation Potion. The explanation of this method has been explained before so you can just re-read if you do not remember any.

  1. NRE (Menu 30)

NRE (Menu 30)

NRE (Menu 30) details:

  • Item Type: Gadgets
  • Rarity: 4 stars
  • Effect: It is a bag that has two slots, one for HP recovery food and the other for Revival type food. It is accessible from the hotbar.
  • Description: “A handy meal-in-a-pouch that can transform most foods into instantly absorbable nutritional matter. Despite the fact that it can greatly increase the efficiency of nutritional intake, most knights aren’t too keen to put their food in it…”

It will take 30 seconds or 0.5 minutes to craft NRE (Menu 30). First of all, you will have to go to the craft place to craft it. the ingredients that you will need to gather to craft it include x20 Lizard Tail, x20 Chaos Circuit, x50000 Mora, and x50 Electro Crystal.

The crafting type to craft the NRE (Menu 30) is forging. Forging something takes a specific amount of time and Mora to start the process, beside the required materials. Keep in mind that if you forge more than once, the forge time and required Mora will stack. Each blacksmith location in the game is treated as the same forge. You may forge the items in one located then pick one at the other.

Ascension usage

  • No one of the characters that have been released use Electro Crystal for ascensions.
  • No one of the weapons that have been released use Electro Crystal for ascensions.

About Electro Crystal

About Electro Crystal

Electro Crystal can be described as a purple stone that is able to be discovered in some different types of place. This one is considered as a precious stone and is an important component that normally used to get specific objectives. It is not a simple thing and it is one of the most important recipes that are related to alchemy and the promotion of both characters and weapons.

Electro Crystal details:

  • Item Type: Material
  • Rarity: 1 star
  • Description: A power rich crystal that draws electricity from the air around it. Holding it makes your hand a little numb.

The thing called Electro Crystal is able to be found in the bottom corner of Mondstadt, which is located in the Cape Oath and Dadaupa Gorge. To be able to get them, the first thing that you will have to do is to teleport to the area. When you are there, please move north to find them. The Cape Oath and Dadaupa Gorge are not the only ones. There are some locations that you can visit. If you want to reach out the first alternative, please go to the south of the Teleport Waypoint in the Stone Gate area. Another place is in the Stormterror’s Lair. Most of them are concentrated around the edges of the area, with the biggest deposit located in the southwestern corner.

For more information about the usage of Electro Crystal and everything about it, go visit the communities or forums of the game, where the ones that share the same interest as you gather and talk about everything.

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