Celestia is one of the locations in Genshin Impact. Have you ever visited this location in the game? There are several things that you need to know about this location in the game. By knowing information of a location in Genshin Impact, it will make you easier in completing quests.

Description of Celestia

We can say that Celestia is a mysterious location. And there are few people who understand it. Celestia is a floating island and people can see it in the sky above Teyvat. In the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Trailer and based on the references to Gnosticism, this location is a divine realm above even other gods namely the Archons.


It is told that the only mortals who can ascend to Celestia are those who perform great, heroic feats  and get godhood, where they are going to keep an eye on their people from above. If there is a human with a vision, he or she is an allogen. She or he is someone who has the potential to reach godhood. However, there is not much information whether having a vision makes a person have more chances to meet the qualifications to reach Celestia or not.

Until now, there are only two characters who are told to have ascended to Celestia. Those characters are Vennessa and Guhua.

Vennessa was a hero of Monstadt and she lived around 1,000 years ago. It occured when the Aristocracy reigned. According to the story, on her death, she ascended to Celestia at Windrise and took the form of a falcon. Then, she became the Falcon of the West which is one of the Four Winds.

Guhua is a historical and mythological character in Liyue. People believe that he was an adeptus who ascended to Celestia at the end of his journey and then he became a star.

The Appearance of Celestia

Celestia actually consists of several landmasses. There is a big central rock and about seven to eight smaller satellites which are put around it. The outer rocks are linked with one single structure which is like a ring and it is held in place with some bridges or arches which expand from the mass of central.

The foundation rocks look almost as if it was torn from the earth in the past. You are able to see that the surfaces are covered in lush plains and forests which contrast with rough and craggy undersides. On the central mass, there are two discernible structures which are made out of marble or similar white stone. The first one is the structure of the top spire which is smaller and it is positioned on the rim of the central mass. The second one is the more prominent central multi-storied spire and a massive golden construct tops it. You may be reminded of an astrolabe if you see it. Also, the architecture of the central mass descends deep below the surface level.

It seems that there are some subterranean rivers which burst forth from the rock. Gradually, they diminish into nothing when they fall hundreds of miles freely from above the ground.

The Relationship of Celestia with Teyvat

Is there a relationship between Celestia and Teyvat? For Teyvat’s people, Celestia and the people who live there are an enigma. There are a lot of people who believe that the chosen mortals will ascend to become gods and keep an eye to people on Teyvat.

The Relationship of Celestia with Teyvat

Because there are a lot of mysteries surrounding this island including the different notes about how this island operates and the requirements for being godhood and also how are various. Some people believe that adepti descended from Celestia and then go back there when they go from this world. There is also a belief that Guhua, an adeptus, ascended to Celestia instead of dying which makes the truth of these claims into question.

When Dainsleif does his quest of the Bough Keeper, he mentions the Falcon of the West and he says that the Falcon of the West even though it is able to fly in the wind, finally it does not do anything but hover under the light of the gods. It suggests that even after someone ascends to this island, they are still considered under the gods and not as equals.

In Dragonspine, there are murals, records of serial No., and other lore bits show that people who lived there tried to fight Celestia but they were lost. Then, the Skyfrost Nail was dropped as a punishment so that the area became a frozen wasteland.

The Relationship of Celestia with the Archons

It is said that the Archons resonate with the power of Celestia directly through their Gnosis. They and also the other gods in Teyvat have a connection to Celestia. Dr. Edith assumes that the ones who can tell the story are only mortals who have ascended to Celestia because of their achievements.

It seems that the Archons have a weak relationship to Celestia. Soraya says that the Archon War was fought over who would be able to take each of the seven divine seats at Celestia. However, until now, there is not information about the things which caused the formerly peaceful coexistences between gods to dissolve quickly or how those seven seats were made to start with.

The Position of Celestia in The Sky

You are able to see Celestia from all over Teyvat. If you are in Qingyun Peak, you can see it to the northwest. However, if you are in the Stormterror’s Lair, you can see it roughly west. Celestia does not move in the sky as the moon or sun does. However, it can be seen that the view changes depending on where you see it. If you see it from Stormterror’s Lair, it can be seen almost horizontal. But, if you see it from Qingyun peak, you will see it heavily tilted.

From the westernmost region on Minlin
From the westernmost region on Minlin
Celestia from qingyun peak
Celestia from qingyun peak
Celestia from stormterrors lair
Celestia from stormterrors lair

Trivia of Celestia

Aether asks Venti about whether those who ascend to Celestia truly become gods. However, Venti dodges the question and he mentions some names including Purusha, Pangu and Ymir. Those are the names of mythological characters who are connected to creation myths.

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