Dendro elements

Dendro is an element of nature or an identical nature. Even though there are monsters with the power of Dendro, unfortunately, there are not yet playable characters of Dendro. Therefore, knowing more about Dendro, one of the seven Elements of Genshin Impact is such a must for you. As we

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Element Electro

In Genshin Impact, you will find some types of elements owned by certain characters. The elements here include Pyro, Cryo, Hydro, Geo, Dendro, Anemo, and also Electro. Each element certainly delivers their respective effect, meaning one element with another element will be different. However, this post will only share one

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anemo elements

Anemo is one of the seven Genshin Impact elements which is the first one the Traveler acquired. At the beginning of the game, you should choose the Traveler either female and male gender, that’s up to you. Of course, the traveler’s element here will be Anemo. We recommend you to

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Geo elements

There are some elements in Genshin Impact which are owned by the characters. The elements are Pyro, Hydro, Dendro, Electro, Anemo, Cryo and Geo. Here, we will explain about one of them namely Geo. What are the elemental reactions of this element? Which characters do have this element? How about

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Hydro elements

Learn about Hydro, one of Genshin Impact elements on our post below including the Hydro archon, the associated gems, elemental resonance, elemental reaction and also hydro’s characters. Here you go! Hydro Archon The Hydro Archon is also known as the God of Justice, as one of The Seven and the

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Cryo elements

As you know that every character in Genshin Impact has a different element. One of the elements is Cryo. What kind of element is it? What characters do have this element? You need to know about it. After you read this, you will get a lot of information about Cryo

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pyro elements

One of the Genshin Impact elements which delivers ‘fire’ is called ‘Pyro’. Fire in Genshin Impact is described as a status effect which can deal small amounts of Pyro DMG over time. Of course, this effect shouldn’t be confused with Burning which delivers the larger amounts of damage at a

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