Lavawalker's Resolution (Flower of Life)

This post will show you all about Lavawalker artifacts including set bonuses, main stats, sub stats and the way to get it. Let’s see our post below! Lavawalker Set Bonuses Lavawalker artifact consists of 2 sets including 2-Piece Bonus and 4-Piece Bonus. Of course, both have different bonuses which will

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Brave Heart

Medal of the Brave

Brave Heart is counted as one of the artifacts in the game developed by miHoYo called Genshin Impact. This one would good to the damage dealers or attacker characters in the game. Everything would be perfect thanks to its set effect bonuses. There are two set effect bonuses of this

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Instructor's Brooch (Flower of Life)

Instructor is one of the artifacts that you should get in Genshin Impact. The party member which is equipping this set should be the one who can trigger the Elemental Reaction and should be on the field for a 4-piece bonus to activate. If you are interested in getting the Instructor

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Heart of Depth

Gilded Corsage (Flower of Life)

Heart of Depth is one of Genshin Impact artifacts which was introduced in update 1.2. This artifact will work well if it’s used by Cryo characters who release their abilities regularly and also rely on attack with their weapons. It will also boost Hydro damage and normal and charged attacks

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Gambler's Brooch (Flower of Life)

Gambler is one of the artifacts that you should get in Genshin Impact. As we know, the artifact is really needed to equip the playable characters as it provides an increase to certain stats. So, let’s learn about Gambler below! Gambler Set Bonuses Gambler artifact consists of 2 sets including

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Lucky Dog

lucky Dog's Clover artifacts

Lucky Dog is one of Genshin Impact artifacts which comes in 3-star rarity. This artifact set is available quite early in the game which provides a useful defense buff and also a unique healing Set Bonus. However, the Lucky Dog set will be quickly defeated by Artifacts sets which offer

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