Can You Find Xiangling in Liyue?

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A number of playable characters are available in Genshin Impact. One of the players is Xiangling. You may wonder whether you can find Xiangling in Liyue or not because you want to have this character.

How to Find Xiangling

Are you know that Xiangling is a playable character in Genshin Impact which is a famous chef from Liyue. If you want to find Xiangling to get her, you are able to go to Spiral Abyss on Musk Reef because you are able to get this character by completing challenges there in Chamber 3, Floor 3 of the Spiral Abyss.

Can You Find Xiangling in Liyue

First, you have to get Adventure Rank 20, so that you will be able to unlock the Spiral Abyss. What is the Spiral Abyss? It is a kind of floor-based dungeon. There, you will be able to take your squad via progressively harder floors, getting some bonuses as you go. If you are able to manage to clear Floor 3, Chamber 3 of the Spiral Abyss, you will be able to obtain Xiangling for free.

By this way, you can get Xiangling without having to spend real money, gacha pulls, or have good luck. To be on the Adventure Rank 20, the things that you can do are exploring, opening chests, completing side quests and more. If then you can unlock the Spiral Abyss successfully, you are able to get there.

To find the Spiral Abyss on Musk Reef, you are able to reach it through a portal on Cape Oath. It is near the southeastern end of the Mondstadt region. Then, you have to make it through Chamber 3, Floor 3 of the Spiral Abyss. You need to know that there are three floors in each chamber as explained earlier which means that you will need to go through and complete nine challenges. What challenges are they? Those are timed battles. Sometimes those challenges can be tiring especially if the level of the characters are below 45 or 50.

At the beginning of each round,  players in Genshin Impact can select a bonus. However, they will not have access to healing items and they need to keep the same four characters the whole time. It is a big challenge. Nevertheless, it is more interesting than spending money and worrying about rerolling for characters.

Xiangling As A Chef

In Genshin Impact, Xiangling has a Pyro element and the rarity of this character is 4 stars. Her birthday is on November 2nd and she was released on September 28th, 2020 in the game.

At the Wanmin Restaurant, the position of Xiangling is the Head Chef. She does not operate this restaurant alone, instead she does it with her father named Chef Mao. As a chef, she is not fearful to try different recipes or exotic ingredients. By doing it, it makes her dishes sometimes quite unique.

Cooking is her interest and she has learned the art from her father. She does not have a sharp eye to a specific type of cuisine. She thinks that food is a way to expand and experiment. When making her recipes, she will use anything, even ingredients which are unconventional that can gross out other people. If there is some food that is not liked by her, she will not give up. She will just press on to modify or begin from scratch.

The unconventional cooking that she cookd is led her to acclaim in both Mondstadt and Liyue. When cooking and creating recipes, she is not concerned about Mora. She states that food functions to nourish. In addition, she also states that the smiles on the faces of the customers is precious for her. She does not like limiting herself to a specific style of cooking and she thinks it as bland and unsurprising.

The Appearance of Xiangling

Xiangling’s hair is dark indigo-black. She keeps it in a pair of panda-like braided buns. She also has a pale skin, a pair of golden eyes, and a perpetual smile on her face.  On one side of her bangs, she wears a golden paw-shaped hair clip.

In terms of clothes, she wears a brown and gold leotard. There are red ribbons in the front and back of it. She also has a gold belt that she uses to carry around her red panda companion. She wears brown fingerless gloves and she also wears boots. Besides, there is a braided red ribbon around one leg.

The Best Weapons for Xiangling

When the game begins, most players do not have 4 or 5 stars weapon. So, you will have 3 stars weapons for your characters. The best 3 star weapons that can be used by Xiangling are White Tassel and Halberd.

How about 4 star weapons? In the middle of a game, the rating of a 4 stars weapon will be higher. So, you are able to get the 4 stars weapons from chest or forge. The best 4 stars weapons that can be used by Xiangling are Crescent Pike, Lithic Spear, Blackcliff Pole, and Dragon’s Bane. If you want to have and use 5 stars weapons, the best 5 stars weapons that can be used by Xiangling are Primordial Jade Winged-Spear and Skyward Spine. For your information, most of the 5 star weapons can be obtained from Wish.

Guoba, The Xiangling’s Companion

Xiangling has a travel companion. The name is Guoba. The form of Guoba is like a bipedal, orange panda-like creature. On his back, there is a Pyro symbol. The origin and the history of Guoba are mystery.

Guoba has the ability to create fire. It is a manifestation of his inability to be able to handle spicy foods despite his fondness for them. Guoba is able to control the strength and heat of his flames. He also has been trained by Xiangling or instinctively knows when to adjust his flames while cooking. The ability to control the flame is high enough. His flames can be used to scorch off pig bristles without having to burn the meat.

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