Can You Change Your Outfit in Genshin Impact?

As one of the rising RPG games with amazing gameplay, a lot of people expect Genshin Impact to have a lot of appearance options for players. Most of them want to change the outfits and clothes of the character but it seems like there is nothing to find.

In the character menu, you will be able to see a wardrobe icon located next to the ascend button. People are wondering if it is the right way to change outfits because only gliders are given an option to alter.

Can You Change Your Outfit in Genshin Impact

Basically, the short answer to the question asking if changing the outfit in the game is possible is no. No one is able to change the clothes in the game, which is such a shame since the game keeps rising in popularity and it keeps making its way to be one of the top free to play RPGs out there. In these kinds of games, appearance altering is one of the most important things and one of the things that keep them afloat. If the developers cannot provide this kind of basic needs, it would disappoint a lot of players and may also bury the plan of the potential players to join the game.

Despite the fact that there is no option to change the outfit in Genshin Impact, each character in the game is undoubtedly well made and esthetically pleasing for all players. If you want to change something, the only thing that you currently can do is to change your wings. Here are the steps to do so if you are interested:

  1. The first thing that you will need to do is to go into the character menu and then press the icon located in the bottom right, the one that looks like a hanger.
  2. When it opens, it is time for you to click the wardrobe icon located beside the level up or ascend. By doing so, you will be taken to the dressing room, the place where you are allowed to select an appropriate glider for a character. There are three options for you to choose and you will have to unlock at least one of them. These options include First Flight, Companionship, and Descension. The first one is unlocked after completing the Wind Glider tutorial. The second one is the Genshin Impact release reward. The third one is the special reward for those who play with PS4.
  3. After that, choose a glider and click switch.

change your wings

Changing the wings is the only thing that you are able to do if you want to change your appearance. Apart from this, there are not any other type of character customization options. Actually, it might include the fact that you get to select your gender at the beginning of the game. At this time, players can only hope for the developers to add the option to change the clothes in the future.

Up until now, there is no specific statement that addresses this issue, but a lot of people seem to think so. No one knows if it is some surprise but it is kind of off how the menu icon for changing gliders is a wardrobe one.

Everyone thinks that if the developers have no plan to add clothes, what is the matter of using a wardrobe icon instead of the icon of the wing? No one knows what will happen in the future and the best thing is to just wait and see. Right now, all that can be done is to enjoy playing in the world of Teyvat.

Everything that you have to know about Dressing Room and Wind Glider

You are able to customize your characters in the thing called the Dressing Room, which can be opened by choosing the icon that looks like a hanger located on the Character Details menu. Wind Gliders is the only thing that is currently available in the Dressing Room and you can expect the outfits or costumes for the characters in the future.

Wind Gliders are included as the main tool that is usually used by the players for gliding in the midair through open terrain in the game. While it is true that gliding drains a lot of stamina, in fact, this activity does not take as much stamina cost compared to sprinting and you can compare it to regular swimming. The use of the gliders varies. In some cases, applying the glider can get rid of user Fall Damage from any height unless the player wants to glide in midair. Besides, they are also used to being able to reach the top areas that cannot be reached by either jumping or climbing.

    • Wings of First Flight

Way to Get: It is a default that is given by Amber to the players.

Short Description: It is a stylized wind glider that endures the passionate longing of an Outrider.

    • Wings of Companionship

Way to Get: It is mailed to all players as part of the official launch.

Short Description: It is a stylized wind glider that is the sign to soar together.

    • Wings of Descension

Way to Get: It is a special reward for those who use PS4.

Short Description: It is a stylized glider that you can use to cross the celestial heights.

    • Wings of Azure Wind

Way to Get: You are able to get it upon reaching Reputation Level 8 in Mondstadt.

Short Description: It is a stylized wind glider which is given to use as the acknowledgement and recognition of Mondstadt.

    • Wings of Golden Flight

Way to Get: You are able to get it upon reaching Reputation Level 8 in Liyue.

Short Description: It is a stylized wind glider that is given to you as a mark of acknowledgement and recognition of Liyue.

    • Wings of Concealing Snow

Way to Get: Frostbearing Tree, Offering Level 12.

Short Description: It is a stylized wind glider that is left behind by a bird of prey when they soared among these mountains.

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