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Blackcliff Pole is another polearm in Genshin Impact. The rarity of Blackcliff pole is 4 stars and you are able to obtain it through Paimon’s Bargains. Knowing more about a weapon in Genshin Impact is important so that you know the effect and also you can use it optimally. Here are the things that you need to know about Blackcliff Pole.

The Description of Blackcliff Pole

Blackcliff Pole is a weapon which is created of blackstone and aerosiderite. On its cold black sheen, there is a dark crimson glow.

Blackcliff Pole polearms

According to the story of this weapon in Genshin Impact, it is told that the Blackcliff Pole is a sharp-tipped polearm which is made from rare blackcliff. It zaps in the air like lightning and it is not blocked by the wind. It is made in blackcliff crystal from head to tip. The body of this polearm is inlaid with red jade stones as decoration. If it is seen in the moonlight, the swirling of blood-red light can be seen in it.

There was a Liyue master craftsman named Han Wu. He had a son with his first wife. The name of the son was Han Ce, the Cold and Calculating. There is a meaning of a name including this name. Cold because his father wanted him to be cool-headed and rational. Calculating, since his father wanted him to be precise in his craft that probably inherited the business of family. However, Han Ce had other ambitions. During his days as a student, Han Ce idled away his study time on martial arts fiction, while spending his free time to practice the art of the polearm up in the mountains.

Han Ce was consumed by the wish to be a martial nomad so that he could explore the world with his pole for protection. When he explored the lands to find Aerosiderite, he did not find the rare ore itself, but also with the thrill of adventure. When he hiked to the highest peaks to commune with the adepti, the thing that he wanted was not the wisdom of the sages, but the tale of his travels.

Han Ce did not care about the flames of the furnace and the working of weaponry. His father was angry at him, but it was to no avail. Finally, Han Ce left home without saying a farewell to his father.

In his later years, he was involved in a mining accident. And it could change his temperament. He caught wind of the ordeal and hurried home to see his father. He did it by traveling through the night. Previously, Han Wu was hot-tempered and never short of something to say. But now, he was calm and quiet. He did not hold any animosity to his son anymore for his reluctance to take over the forge.

For the first time in their lives, the father and son grew close. Han Ce was shy because of his past actions. Nevertheless, now he did not know how to redeem himself. Several years later, Han Wu passed away. So, it ended the life of a master craftsman of a generation. Based on the wish of his father, Han Ce took an archive of weapon designs from the study, those were the fabled prototypes.

In a wooden chest, the archive was sealed along with a letter for Han Ce. In the letter, his father wrote that the world is vast and filled with a lot of marvels and he hoped that Han Ce can always see the wonder in the world wherever his journey takes him.

The Ascensions of Blackcliff Pole

Ascension Phase Level Mora Weapon Ascension Material Common Material 1 Common Material 2
1 20 – 40 5,000 Mist Veiled Lead Elixir x3 Mist Grass Pollen x3 Recruit’s Insignia x2
2 40 – 50 15,000 Mist Veiled Mercury Elixir x3 Mist Grass Pollen x12 Recruit’s Insignia x8
3 50 – 60 20,000 Mist Veiled Mercury Elixir x6 Mist Grass x6 Sergeant’s Insignia x6
4 60 – 70 30,000 Mist Veiled Gold Elixir x3 Mist Grass x12 Sergeant’s Insignia x9
5 70 – 80 35,000 Mist Veiled Gold Elixir x6 Mist Grass Wick x9 Lieutenant’s Insignia x6
6/Max 80 – 90 45,000 Mist Veiled Primo Elixir x4 Mist Grass Wick x18 Lieutenant’s Insignia x12

The Stats of Blackcliff Pole

The rarity of Blackcliff pole is 4 stars. Its base ATK in level 1 is 42. How about the secondary stat type of this polearm? It is Crit DMG %. Then, the secondary stat in level 1 of Blackcliff Pole is 12%.

The Passive Ranks of Blackcliff Pole

The passive name of Blackcliff Pole is Press the Advantage. After an opponent is defeated, ATK will be increased by certain percent for 30 seconds. This effect possesses a maximum of 3 stacks. The length of every stack is independent of the others. In the list below, you are able to see the ATK which is increased by % based on Rank.

    • Rank 1

ATK is increased by %: 12%

    • Rank 2

ATK is increased by %: 15%

    • Rank 3

ATK is increased by %: 18%

    • Rank 4

ATK is increased by %: 21%

    • Rank 5

ATK is increased by %: 24%

The Stats of Blackcliff Pole by Level

In the list below, you are able to see the stats of Blackcliff Pole by level.

    • Level 20

Base ATK: 109

Crit DMG%: 21.2

    • Level 40

Base ATK: 205

Crit DMG%: 30.9

    • Level 60

Base ATK: 327

Crit DMG%: 40.6

    • Level 70

Base ATK: 388

Crit DMG%: 45.5

    • Level 80

Base ATK: 449

Crit DMG%: 50.3

    • Level 90

Base ATK: 510

Crit DMG%: 55.1

The Other Weapons in Blackcliff Series

The Blackcliff Pole is one of the weapons in the Blackcliff Series. Besides this weapon, there are the other weapons in this series as you are able to see in the list below.

    • Blackcliff Longsword (Sword)
    • Blackcliff Warbow (Bow)
    • Blackcliff Agate (Catalyst)
    • Blackcliff Slasher (Claymore)

The rarity of these weapons is 4 stars and those weapons can be obtained through Paimon’s Bargains.

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