Blackcliff Agate

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Made of blackstone which has an ominous crimson glow which seems to pulse in synchronization, it makes Blackcliff Agate presenting a mysterious thing. This weapon seems to pulse in synchronization with the vibration from deep within the earth.

Coming in a type of catalyst weapon, Blackcliff Agate is such a worthy weapon that you can use for your character. Then, you may wonder how reliable the Blackcliff Agate is in Genshin Impact. To convince you for the reliability of the Blackcliff Agate, let’s see the overview of Blackcliff Agate below!

Blackcliff Agate’s Overview

Blackcliff Agate

The catalyst was made from a rare blackcliff which glows when activated. Well, the cosmic energy actually  circulates within. A piece of blood-red Cor Purum was fitted in the center, making it in a circular form. The Cor Purum seems to enlarge and wane like a crimson moon. Then, it will be glowing steadily brighter and darker in a never-ending cycle.

As a throwback, the presence  of Blackcliff Agate is proof that the mountains of Tianheng are a trove of a thousand treasures. There are tons of rocks bounteous jade gleams gloriously along the mountains. If the ore in Mountain Tianheng runs dry, the miners actually would dig further to get more ores.

Because it is too often mined, over time the area becomes noisy as a deep growl, the earth will shake. Well, it caused landslides both in the mines and also in the caves, countless innocent people died on this occasion.

After this fateful incident, one day a man claiming to be an expert visited Liyue in an attempt to find two craftsmen named Yun and Han. It turns out that he is a magician who wants to tell the two of them that in the past, the Yun and Han had together created a catalyst for the world’s gods.

The sorcerer wanted to give Yan and Han a piece of red Cor Purum, in hopes that it would help the people of Liyue through this difficult time. Shortly after receiving the message, Yun and Han immediately lit the furnace and made a blackcliff catalyst with red Pur-coated as the core. The crimson stone finally resonated with the ley lines of the earth.

When the days of peace finally returned, Blackcliff Agate had quietly disappeared without a trace, just as it had tarnished the raging core of the earth. The point is, This catalyst was such a light that provided a safe passage for the people of Liyue through the turbulent times of landslides and caves.

Blackcliff Agate’s Stats

Just like other catalysts weapons in Genshin Impact, Blackcliff Agate level has base attack by 42 with the bonus effect of crit DMG + 12.00%. For level 5, it has base attack by 56 with the bonus effect of crit DMG + 13.9%. Level 10 of this weapon has base attack by 74 with the bonus effect of crit DMG + 16.4%. Blackcliff Agate level 15 has base attack by 91with the bonus effect of crit DMG + 18.8%. While, for level 20, it has base attack by109 with the bonus effect of crit DMG + 21.2%.

The level of the  Blackcliff Agate catalyst weapon is up to level 90.  That means that higher the level, the higher the base attack and crit damage.

Blackcliff Agate’s Skill

This catalyst weapon works that once eliminating an opponent, the ATK will be increased by 12% for 30 seconds. Its effect has a maximum of 3 stacks and then the duration of each stack is independent of the others. That works for level 1.

Then, for level 2, the ATK will be increased by 15% for 30 seconds after defeating an enemy with a maximum of 3 stacks. For level 3, the ATK will be increased by 18% for 30 seconds after defeating an enemy with a maximum of 3 stacks. For level 4, the ATK will be increased by 21% for 30 seconds after defeating an enemy with a maximum of 3 stacks. Last, for level 5, the ATK will be increased by 24% for 30 seconds after defeating an enemy with a maximum of 3 stacks.

How to Get Blackcliff Agate?

Just unlike most Genshin Impact weapons, Blackcliff Agate can be obtained by exchanging the Starglitter in Paimon’s Bargains. You may already know that to get the Weapon in Genshin Impact, you should visit Paimon’s Store.

At least, there are two main currencies that you can use to purchase the weapon there, they are Starglitter and Stardust. Well, the Blackcliff Agate weapon needs Starglitter currency. In order to get Starglitter, you have to use the 5-stars character when doing any transaction in Paimon’s Bargains.

Additionally, 5-stars characters will give 10 Starglitter for the first seven times you draw the same character and 25 Starglitter starting at your eighth duplicate. Once you have earned enough, you’re able to buy a weapon for 24 Starglitter or  a character for 34 Starglitter.

Stardust currency can be obtained through the gacha/ wish system. If you get a 3-stars weapon through the gacha system, you will be granted 12 Stardust.

How to access the Paimon’s Bargains in the game? If you haven’t accessed the Paimon shop, you need to enter Paimon’s Bargains by opening the Genshin Impact’s Menu and then choosing the ‘shop’ option. It doesn’t take long, you will find the Paimon’s Bargains in the third tab. After  you are in Paimon’s Bargains menu, you can then purchase the Blackcliff Agate catalyst weapon by exchanging Starglitter.

The Blackcliff Agate’s Ascension

Here’s for the list of Blackcliff Agate’s Ascension:

Ascension Phase 1

    • Level: 20 – 40
    • Mora: 5,000
    • Materials: 3 x Luminous Sands from Guyun, 3 x Hunter’s Sacrificial Knife and 2 x Divining Scroll

Ascension Phase 2

    • Level: 40 – 50
    • Mora: 15,000
    • Materials: 3 x Lustrous Stone from Guyun, 12 x Hunter’s sacrificial Knife and 8 x Divining Scroll

Ascension Phase 3

    • Level: 50 – 60
    • Mora: 20,000
    • Materials: 6 x Lustrous Stone from Guyun, 6 x Agent’s Sacrificial Knife and 6 x Sealed Scroll

Ascension Phase 4

    • Level: 60 – 70
    • Mora: 30,000
    • Materials: 3 x Relic from Guyun, 12 x Agent’s Sacrificial Knife and 9 x Sealed Scroll.

Ascension Phase 5

    • Level: 70 – 80
    • Mora: 35,000
    • Materials: 6 x Relic from Guyun, 9 x Inspector’s Sacrificial Knife and 6 x Forbidden Curse Scroll.

Ascension Phase 6/ Max

    • Level: 80 – 90
    • Mora: 45,000
    • Materials: 4 x Divine Body from Guyun, 18 x Inspector’s Sacrificial Knife and 12 x Forbidden Curse Scroll.
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