All Locations Where to Find Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Impact

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Dandelion Seeds are a Local Speciality item which come from the Dandelion Plants. This item can be found within the Mondstadt region which is mostly near Mondstadt’s front gate where most Dandelion Plants are growing.

Even though you already know where to find the Dandelion Seeds, however, there’s no exact location in the Mondstadt region where you can find the Dandelion Seeds at most. It means that you should find the Dandelion Seeds by exploring the Mondstadt region.

Thankfully, this post will guide you on finding the Dandelion Seeds. So, learn where to go in finding the Dandelion Seeds!

Locations Where the Dandelion Seeds Are Located

As a main clue, the Dandelion Seeds can be found in the Mondstadt region. However, it seems not enough for you if you really desire to find them. What you should do is to find the exact locations where you can find a lot of the Dandelion Seeds. To ease you finding the Dandelion Seeds, seeing to the Genshin Impact map is a must for you.

We also show you a map to indicate the possible locations where the Dandelion Seeds are available at most. See the map below and the spots marked are the great location to get the Dandelion Seeds.

All Locations Where to Find Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Impact

Once you see the marked spots on the map above, it’s your turn to go to the locations. Well, the easiest way to pick up some Dandelion Seeds is just outside of Mondstadt. You can reach the location before you cross the bridge to leave the city. Well, there are a lot of plants which can be found on either side of the road.

We also have marked other locations where you can find Dandelion Seed on the map above. The multiple circle stacked up on the map is located in the southwestern portion of the map which really provides the highest Dandelion Seeds. Well, it’s a great chance where you can go if you really need a great deal of it.

For more information, the Dandelion Seeds can only be found in a few locations across Teyvat. However, there are often multiple plants in a spot that you can visit to find the Dandelion Seeds. In order to find the Dandelion Seeds, you should also focus at Mondstadt Gates where you can harvest the seeds from Dandelion Plants.

Unlike other Genshin Impact plants, your only one way to get the Dandelion Seeds is to look for them out. So, it’s time for you to explore the Mondstadt region. What are you waiting for?

Dandelion Seeds

How to Harvest the Dandelion Seeds?

In order to get the Dandelion Seeds, you have to harvest them from Dandelion Plants. Moreover, to harvest them, you should hit the Dandelion Plants using an Anemo attack. By doing this, it will release them from the plant and then allow you to gather them easily.

Well, it’s highly recommended to have at least one character in your party who has an Anemo attack.

How to Use Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Impact?

The Dandelion Seeds can be used for the Character Ascension especially for Jean and Diona. Aside from that, the seeds can be used to craft some following items below:

Gushing Essential Oil

You can use the Dandelion Seeds to make the Gushing Essential Oil. This is one of the potions that you can craft in Genshin Impact. Need to know, all potions can be crafted with Alchemy. The Gushing Essential Oil comes in 3-stars rarity which can increase all party members’ Anemo DMG by 25% for 300 seconds.

Additionally, this potion will give greater affinity to Anemo and also boost Anemo damage. It also has a good smell which is frequently used on travels, making your way as if you are riding on the wind. To craft the Gushing Essential Oil, you will need:

    • 1x Lizard Tail
    • 1x Dandelion Seeds
    • 100x Mora

Windbarrier Potion

The second potion that you can craft using Dandelion Seeds is Windbarrier Potion. It comes in 3-stars rarity which can increase all party member’ Anemo RES by 25% for 300 seconds. This mysterious potion is really able to boost Anemo RES which can make anyone able to hold back the strong winds.

Well, this potion totally works for the travelers in the world and is even mentioned to keep the cold away. You can also craft this potion with Alchemy by using following materials below:

    • 1x Crystal Core
    • 1x Dandelion Seed
    • 100x Mora

Anemoculus Resonance Stone

This is a consumable gadget which can be crafted through Alchemy. To craft it, you surely have to get the recipe by reaching Reputation Level 2 in Mondstadt. Once you equip it through your inventory, you can really use it to look for the nearest Anemoculus from where you are currently.

If you successfully find Anemoculi, the item automatically will be consumed and the general area will be highlighted with a blue circle. After entering the area, you will see a white arrow guide you to its location. After you get close enough, the Oculu symbol will show on the map and then the blue highlight will disappear soon. While, if you cannot find the Anemoculi nearby, it will give you a notification in which the item will not be consumed.

Here’s the recipe to craft the Anemoculus Resonance Stone:

    • 5x Dandelion Seeds
    • 5x Cecilia
    • 1x Crystal Chunk
    • 500x Mora

Well, those are all items that you can craft using Dandelion Seeds through Alchemy.

Dandelion Seeds’ Story

The Dandelion Seeds’s story begins when a tiny seed which rides on the wind even without its feathered wings which still save the hope from afar within. In certain meanings, the Dandelion represents the romantic spirit of love and also freedom.

The Dandelion Seeds are found in abundance on the land of the wind. People then use them in wine making. While, experts in local folklore trust that wine brewed from Dandelions really had a deep and strong symbolic meaning in ancient times.

Well, the Dandelion Seeds are finally scattered in the world of Teyvat especially in the Mondstadt region. Then, the people use this material to craft some items which will be needed in their life.

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