Ah, Fresh Meat Genshin Impact Location

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Ah, Fresh Meat is counted as one of the world quests in the rising game known as Genshin Impact. It is part of the quests that come with the new major update. This quest is the one where you will have to get chilled meat. By completing it, you will be allowed to get access to the recipe for Goulash. Are you wondering where the quest takes place? Keep reading the whole page to find out the exact location of the quest.

Apparently, the location of the Ah, Fresh Meat quest is Dragonspine, Mondstadt. It is actually one of the locations to find the chilled meat. In order to reach there, you will have to glide down to the ice mountain region from the Statue of the Seven. When you are there, you will be able to find a wild pig that is covered with ice. Upon seeing it, your job is to defrost it by using your Pyro ability. Once you have defrosted it, it is time for you to kill it to get the chilled meat.

If you are still confused about it, here is the walkthrough of Ah. Fresh Meat quest that will guide you to complete the quest.

  • The first thing that you will have to do is to talk to Harris that you can find at Windwail Highland.

talk to Harris that you can find at Windwail Highland.

  • After that, gather 10 chilled meat from the frozen boars to be presented to Harris.

gather 10 chilled meat from the frozen boars to be presented to Harris.

  • The frozen boar has to be melted. You can do it with your Pyro skills. After melting it, you can defeat it to collect the chilled meat.

The frozen boar has to be melted

  • The next thing that should be done is to deliver the chilled meat to Harris and then defeat the Great Snowboard King and get its meat.
  • Then, give the meat to Harris. Besides, you can also cook some Goulash.

 you can also cook some Goulash.

  • When everything is done, return to Harris at 18:00 to claim your rewards. Getting the rewards indicates that you have completed the quest.

There are a few things that you will need to take a note when completing the Ah, Fresh Meat quest, those include:

  • Killing the thing called the Great Snowbar King will reward you with the achievement Assassin of Kings.
  • Killing the thing called the Great Snowbar King while it is in berserker mode will get you the achievement Chill Out!.
  • Having a character defeated by the Great Snowbar Kings gets you the achievement The Hunter Becomes the Hunted.
  • Understanding the way to make Goulash awards you the achievement Glutton for Goulash.

About Ah, Fresh Meat quest

As stated earlier, the quest named Ah, Fresh Meat is the one that takes place in Dragonspine. This one involves the Great Snowboar King. After completing the quest, you will be rewarded with the Goulash recipe.

Ah, Fresh Meat quest details:

  • Quest Type: World
  • Description: “Harris, the chef at the foothill camp, has received inspiration from an ancient recipe and would like to create an all new gourment dish. For this, he first requires 10 servings of Chilled Meat.

You pass the ten slabs of Chilled Meat to Harris. Harris then commissions you once more to get a slab of the Great Snowboar King’s meat…

You have gathered all the ingredients, and Harris has also come up with his recipe. However, he seems to want you to make this Goulash with your own hands…”

  • Requirements: Compete in the mountains
  • Starting Location: Dragonspine Adventurer Camp, Mondstadt
  • Rewards: 300 Adventurer Rank EXP, 40 Primogems, x4 Hero’s Wit, x6 Mystic Enhancement Ore, x5 Delicious Goulash

Genshin Impact update that comes with Ah, Fresh Meat quest

  • New rewards: Each Traveler will be given 1 Acquaint Fate whenever they ascend a character at level 20, 50, or 70. And for any characters that have been ascended by the Travelers before, the Acquaint Fate rewards can be claimed from the Ascension Materials Preview screen.
  • Fixed bug when a player quits the game: The Travelers are allowed to leave Co-Op Domains whenever they want without having to bother the battle for the other Travelers. Aside from that, during Co-Op sessions, the host will be able to disband the Co-Op Team with just switching to Single Player Mode. Once the team is disbanded, the game progress of each Traveler will be restored.
  • You can view the dialogue for quests that you have already completed: The Travel Log section is added to the Version 1.2 to the Archive. Every dialogue, including text and audio that has previously completed Archon Quests and Story Quests will show up here. It makes it possible for the Travelers to re-read and playback the dialogue from the quests that have been completed.
  • You can repeat a Domain without having to leave and re-enter: In this new version, Travelers are free to select to repeat a Domain challenge from inside the Domain. Leaving and re-entering is no longer needed.
  • Missing out on Domain and Ley Line blossom drops: The Domain and Ley Line Outcrop rewards system has been improved by the developers of the game, miHoYo. From this new version, you will not have to gather the drops yourself because they will automatically be added to your inventory.
  • Dialogue auto-play option: The thing called an auto-play option for dialogue will come with this version. When this option is picked, a dialogue will progress immediately to the next line once the audio of the current one is done playing. When you see the dialogue options on the screen, it will bother the Travelers when responding, and then continue to auto-play as before.

These are everything that you have to know about the location of Ah, Fresh Meat and some other information. For more information about this quest, you might want to visit the communities or forums of the game to open the discussion with the other members that share the same interest as you when it comes to the game. If needed, you can also try to reach out the developers or the other representative of the game.

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