Accumulate Completions of The Meteorite Remains Salvage Challenge

In the second phase of its Unreconciled Stars event, there are some tasks. One of them is that you have to salvage meteorite remains. How to complete this challenge and accumulate the completions? You are able to read the explanation below.

Starting Unreconciled Stars Phase 2

Unreconciled Stars is the biggest event in Genshin Impact. There are three phases in the event which is set to last two weeks. The players are required to collect a number of meteorite shards that can be found around Teyvat. In the phase 2, namely The Star of Deceitful Dreams, you have to salvage bigger meteorites across the world of the game. If you take part in the event, a number of Primogems will be able to be gained by you after you hit milestones. So, you are able to save the banner of Zhongli.

The Star of Deceitful Dreams

Before you look for meteorites on the land to do this challenge, you have to complete the quest named The Crisis Deepens. After you complete the quest, then you will be able to unlock the ability to salvage meteorites.

Finding New Meteorites and Accumulating Completions in The Meteorites Remains Salvage Challenge

If you wonder where you have to go to find new meteorites in the Meteorites Remains Salvage Challenge, you do not have to be worried because all meteorites which are able to be salvaged will be marked on your map and it is automatic.

 meteorites which are able to be salvaged will be marked on your map and it is automatic.

There will be about four meteorites available to salvage at any given time. If you have run out your selection of meteorites, you are able to talk to Mona. After you choose the Astrology option when you are speaking to her, your map will be filled by Mona with four new salvage locations. For your information, the added locations are random. Now, you are able to go to a location which is marked by Mona. The locations of salvage will be marked by the meteorite which appears the same as a large light blue crystal. Whenever you run out of salvage locations, you are able to go back to Mona.

How to salvage the meteorites in this Meteorite Remains Salvage challenge? You have to interact with the meteorite which will start a short fight the same as Leylines which is normally found in Genshin Impact. There will be 10 minutes available for you to be able to defeat enemies while staying in the circle. Each enemy which is defeated will be able to increase your progress to complete a salvage.

It is important for you not to leave the circle. If you are outside the circle, your progress will decrease every second. If you are outside the circle for more than some seconds, your progress may be lost. When you try to defeat the enemies, you need to have a character that has the ability to fight at a distance like a Bow or a Catalyst user. So, you are able to beat the enemies that leave the circle without having to leave yourself.

You may choose to play this challenge in co-op mode. If so, you have to make sure that the host does not die. If the host dies, it will cancel the salvage process.

After you have filled the gauge completely, now you are able to consider your meteorite as salvaged. Now, you are able to walk up to the meteorite and then you are able to spend 20 Resin to claim your reward. From completing this challenge, you will get some XP and Falling Star’s Might that you are able to use to spend in the event shop.

If you wonder whether you should complete the event or not, the answer is yes. It is because if you are able to salvage every five meteorites until you hit 30 total salvages in this phase two, you will be able to obtain 30 bonus Primogems. You may feel that this goal cannot be done due to your limited time. If so, you are able to aim for completing 20 salvages.

Do you want to unlock the awesome Fischl for free in this event? If you want this character, you have to complete 14 salvages and then you will obtain a battle pass bonus after 18 salvages. At last, there will be two extra salvages for another 30 Primogems bonus.

The Characters Boosted In Meteorite Salvage

During salvaging, there are nine characters of Genshin Impact which will get a 60% attack boost. So, you are able to play as one of those characters to have a slightly easier time. Who are those characters? Those are Lisa, Mona, Fischl, Tartaglia (Childe), Xiangling, Chongyun, Noelle, Ningguang and Beidou.

About The Crisis Deepens

As explained above, before you search for meteorites on the land to complete this challenge, you need to complete the quest named The Crisis Deepens. After you complete the quest, then you will be able to unlock the ability to salvage meteorites. But, what is The Crisis Deepens? It is the primary quest for the second phase of the Unreconciled Stars event: Star of Deceitful Dreams. If you are able to complete this phase, you are able to unlock the quests The Siege of Qingce, Contingencies and That Guy’s Scheme.

Here are the steps to complete The Crisis Deepens Quest.

  • First, you have to find Draff and discuss the situation in Springvale.
  • After that, you have to go to Dawn Winery and then find Adeline.
  • Now, you have to go for Stone Gate.
  • Here, you have to ask people nearby for information. You need to ask in order of Huachu, Pops Zhou and Jianqiu.
  • You have to find the delivery staff of Dawn Winery.
  • You have to rescue the worker which is surrounded by monsters.
  • You must find the employee of Winery, Fritz.
  • Now, you must be close and ascertain the situation.
  • Access Wangshu Inn and then check on Fritz there.
  • You have to find Fritz among the patients at Wangshu Inn.
  • Here, you have to continue asking for the existence of Fritz.
  • Among the remaining patients, find Fritz.
  • You have to ask Huai’an about Fritz.
  • You have to look for the meteorites near Wangshu Inn.
  • Now, dispose of the meteorite and then ascertain if there are any leftover meteorites there.
  • You have to dispose of the remaining meteorites and then talk to Katheryne in Mondstadt.
  • And now, you have to go to scrying location of Mona.

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