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Helo, guys I am Alfin a professional gamer of Genshin Impact which is not for players who get bored easily! I played the game for approximately 5 hours every day and I really enjoyed it when I entered the world called “Teyvat”, I was treated to views of the sea, cliffs and hills, as well as vast grasslands.

You will be met with a cute little character with wings. She is Paimon, a non-playable character (NPC) who turns out to have a duty to guide players throughout the game.


Besides being able to defeat all enemies with various control strategies and effect of elements, Genshin Impact also offers a variety of varied activities. I can climb cliffs that become obstacles when exploring, jump from a high hill using their wings, and swim in rivers, lakes, or the sea to cross destinations on the other side.

You can take a look at the tier list of best genshin impact characters to be more optimal in playing and not easily defeated.

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