5 Secret Hidden Quests in Liyue

Apparently, there are 5 hidden World Quests with great Adventure EXP bonuses in Liyue. If you want to get those EXP bonuses, all you need to do is to complete this quest.

5 Secret Hidden Quests in Liyue – Here’re they

  1. And This Treasure Goes to ….

And This Treasure Goes to

You are able to get this quest in n the Lingju Pass area in the western part of Liyue. After that, you have to discover an NPCs called Alrani who is trapped in the western part of the temple. Once opening the prison, Alrani is going to reveal that there are hidden treasures in the area.

For your information, the location of this treasure is enough easy, that is buried in the middle of Lingju Pass, exactly under a big tree in the south of the pond. There are only some Treasure hunters who guard their treasures. You do not worry as they are easy to defeat. Also, do not forget to complete puzzle in this area because there are three Precious Chests which you are able to get.

  1. The Chi of Guyun

The Chi of Guyun

The series of quests named The Chi of Guyun is quite long. Thus, you are going to get a lot of Adventure EXP and additional valuable chests. You will be able to start this quest by meeting an NPC called Yan’Er near the Wuwang Hill area. Afterwards, Chi of Guyun is going to focus on the story of monsters guarded by ancient powers in Liyue. You are going to be asked to damage the evil forces of Wuwang Hill with a series of puzzles which are easy to follow. Next, you are also going to be told to meet Grandma Ruoxin at Qingce Village. Grandma Ruoxin will inform the location of the last temple of Chi of Guyun in the Northwest part of Qingce Village.

  1. Trails in Tianqiu

Trails in Tianqiu

Based on the research, there are three temples which are standing in Tianqiu Valley. Next, those three temples are going to hold challenges for the players, including giving a quest titled Trails in Tianqiu in the middle of the hall. For your information, this quest is really easy. The players only need to open the lock in the middle of the hall that can be discovered at the top of each shrine.

Those three temples which are standing in Tianqiu Valley features Combat challenges, time challenges to climb temples, up to three floors containing the puzzles which are fairly complicated. One of the easy requirements for this quest to finish fast is to take a Geo-type Main Character and a fire element character to solve the puzzle.

  1. Treasure Lost, Treasure Found

Treasure Lost, Treasure Found

This is the fourth quest, Treasure Lost, Treasure Found is able to be the most unique and difficult to solve. You are able to get this quest in the southern part of the Guili Plans, exactly from an NPC called Soraya. After that, you have to help an archaeologist describe the whereabouts of hidden treasures in the area.

Formerly, you have to read five inscriptions near Soraya. Afterwards, you are needed to discover four Jade Stones which are scattered around the coast of the Guili Plans. You do not worry as the location is easy to discover if you are able to view the angular shape of the building on the map. Next, you are going to be directed to the Final Ruins which is located near the small lake in the temple near the first quest you got.

  1. Nine Pillars of Peace

Nine Pillars Of Peace-

Finally, you are able to collect nine Stone of Remembrance once collecting all Geoculus in Liyue. Those nine artifacts are able to be used to open a large shrine in the Cuijoe Slope. Solving or completing this quest will grant you the first Legendary Artifact in the form of a flower.

One of the things that you need to prepare is an extremely strong mentality and team to finish off the Ruin Guard and Ruin Hunter in this temple. Next, you are going to be faced with those monsters who have obtained additional strength. Please prepare a team with elemental reactions to defeat them easily and fast.

Other Liyue Quests you can complete

Books In The Woods

Books In The Woods

Liyue is a region which is insistently stated to have a long history. The people of that region have already settled down, move years later and leave behind crumbling villages. In Wuwang Hill, things are a bit more complicated as a young girl called Little Nine is searching for her book. If you complete this quest, you are going to get 20 primogems. It only need you to wander the nearby forest.

Luhua Landscape

Luhua Landscape-

This quest will activates after the players talk to the artist at the ruins atop the Luhua Pools. The artist is going to give the player two different portraits which they need to refer to in for finding the artist’s lost supplies. After found, then the players are going to learn how to unlock the ruins’ secrets. The players not only get 50 primogems for completing this quest, but also they are going to get 30,000 mora for their troubles.

Old Tastes Die Hard

Old Tastes Die Hard

One of the easiest method to get free primogems is by searching out Mr. Zhu. You have to know that Mr. Zhu is able to be found near the Statue of The Seven nearest to the Luhua Pools. All you need to do to earn 20 free primogems is give the man a Sweet Madame, a simple recipe which only needs fowl and sweet flower. The player should have the recipe as it is available from the beginning of the game. Birds can be found in the area.

Share Not Your Treasures

Share Not Your Treasures

To begin this quest, you have to visit the ruins in Guili Planes and locate the worn letter. All you need to do is light a bonfire, beat some opponents, and then go to the location of the treasure on the notes in order to solve the quest and score a few rewards.

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