10 Genshin Yellow Item / Thing Locations

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Day 5 of the event offered by Genshin Impact called Five Flushes of Fortune requires the players to take pictures of yellow items with the Kurious Kamera. Apparently, each player is allowed to take up to 10 pictures a day. For those who have no idea where to take the 10 yellow items with the Kurious Kamera, here is the guide to help you out.

Yellow items for Kurious Kamera in Genshin Impact

There are several yellow items in Genshin Impact, including Sweet Flowers and Berries, Snapdragons, and Cor Lapis. For those who are looking for the yellow items in the game, please prepare for a bit of randomness with the colors that you will get.

  1. Sweet Flowers and Berries

Sweet Flowers and Berries

Since both Sweet Flowers and Berries are everywhere in the world of Teyvat, they are able to be found easily. Some of them can even be found near the Statues of the Seven or fast travel points. As for the Berries, you are able to get the Kurious Kamera to focus on all three fruits, the ones that are part of the same plant. Please get three different color photos.

According to some people, mushrooms and sunsettias are also counted. Sunsettias is the one that is able to be found widely in the wild. Just like sunsettias, mushrooms are also commonly found in the wild, generally residing in grassy areas.

  1. Snapdragons


Snapdragons are also known as yellow items. The reason is maybe due to the bulb of the flower. They are able to be found near bodies of water, especially the ones that are located near the Statues of the Seven in Windrise and Starfell Lake.

  1. Cor Lapis

Cor Lapis1

You are able to find the Cor Lapis in the Liyue area. In this place, you can start to look for it inside the caves, mines, and near the mountains. The most recommended place to find it is by going to Mt. Hulao, the one location full of different levels to find this item with. It is better for you to bring along a claymore character to make it easier. Some claymore characters that you can consider include Noelle, Razor, and Chongyun. By using them, the process to collect the Cor Lapis can be done quickly. Please put some effort and do your best on gathering enough materials for the future character ascensions.

Five Flushes of Fortune event and the locations of the others items

Five Flushes of Fortune event and the locations of the others items

Five Flushes of Fortune is known as camera event. This one asks you to do a simple mission, which is to take photos of objects and enemies of a specific color each day. As a player of the game, you are able to take 10 shots each day, with each one showing off of five randomly colored pictures. If you manage to successfully complete the task, you will be rewarded with a bunch of rewards, including 60 Primogems and either adventure EXP items for characters and weapons or cold, hard mora.

During the photo event, you are able to gather 8 complete sets of shots for a grand total of 480 Primogems and the other items. It is actually an easy thing to achieve, but the randomness is the thing that makes it harder. It means you will need to trade extra shots between friends to amass a full collection in the right time.

In order to start the Five Flushes of Fortune event, you will need to get the access to Liyue Harbor, so please go there if you have not done yet. The quest starts by talking to Ji Tong by the harbor front. You will be informed that his new batch of picture boxes are playing up and he wants you to take shots of subjects of a certain color each day so it would be easy for him to diagnose the cause. Once you have gathered a full set of photographs with different colors, one of the reward boxes will belong to you.

Way to find the other color items and creatures to quickly get your 10 shots per day

    • The location of the red item

A good clue is actually given by Ji Tong as you pick up the quest. In the game, there are a lot of red objects, but Jueyun Chili is named as the fastest way to clear the first challenge so far. Due to the fact that three Jueyun Chillis grow on each plant, feel free to use up all 10 shots on four nodes. For your information, there is the best Jueyun Chilli location located right on the border of Liyue and Mondstadt where you are able to get more than enough right beside each other.

    • The locations of the blue creature

The second day of Five Flushes of Nature challenges you to take 10 shots of a blue creature. There are a lot of Cyro enemies in the new snowy region of Dragonspine. If you get the chance to meet the Cryo Crystalflies on your travels, please grab them. Another ones are Cryo Slimes that are able to be found at Dawn Winery.

    • The locations of the red creature

Apparently, almost all the Hilichurl are counted as red creatures. Discovering them is literally easy. they are everywhere outside the main city. In case you have not been there before, you can go to the valley around the Jueyun Chili. There are also some in the mountain as well. For those who cannot find enough on the beach, the alternative is the floating fortress. Your skill in zooming will be useful here since it is a small space with a lot of enemies.

    • The locations of the blue item

For everyone who have Diluc or Bennetts, it is your time to shine. This time you will hunt for Small Lamp Grass, the perfect blue item. This kind of thing grows in groups and glows in the night. Collecting 10 is easy by teleporting to Wolvendom and sticking in the pictured area with the band in the road.

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Genshin Impact Blue Item Picture
Genshin Impact Blue Item Picture
The Genshin Impact blue item is known

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